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Switch On The Divine Light!

The generous, abundant Divine Light is always available. This last year has challenged everyone I know each in their own way. Stories have been shared of how it’s been hard […]

Be Grounded with Certainty

Be grounded with certainty in the Magical Light of the Earth! If you acknowledge Mother Earth in every life process, incredible manifestations are seen, felt, and enjoyed. This acknowledgment activates […]

Time to Shine!

It’s that time of the year when the summer sun assists you in emanating joy and your unique self expression. Pull up your confidence! Embrace your talents and Be the […]

Utilizing & Appreciating the Powerful Eclipse Stillpoint

An eclipse along with other cosmic alignments provides a great opportunity. Rather than falling into negative or nervous energy and lingering there, stay awake. Work the process and bathe in […]

Are You Ready Now?

Sowing Seeds of Potential & Abundant Love… No doubt we are experiencing challenging times with changing circumstances – globally, nationally and on a personal level. Everyone has had enough, for […]

Meet Persistence! The Butterfly Who Allowed Me to Keep Her Alive

For more than 20 years, I knew I have had a strong connection to butterflies. I symbolically place them around the house to decorate. Clients and friends tell me I […]

Hello 2021 – A New Year of Evolution

It’s easy to see what’s playing out into the New Year. December’s powerful Winter Solstice conjunction and other alignments are continuing the process of synthesizing and reordering.Adding up the 2+0+2+1 […]

Keeping the Faith

Take stock of what you have manifested this year. Powerful change has been invoked. What resources do you have now?Spiritually, you have Higher Awareness, Higher insights available to use however […]

Fifth Dimensional Energies Another Time for a Lift

Hi everyone. I am continuing to provide healing sessions via phone as usual. While we are practicing safety from the coronavirus, I have stopped all in office sessions for the […]

Entering 2020

No doubt, the end of 2019 and entering into 2020 was a wild ride of conflicts and crises, thinking and rethinking, letting go of old stories and welcoming the new…. […]

New Decade, 2020 -The Emperor

I really enjoyed the slow manifesting progression of 2019’s Empress vibration. I felt I could leave it all up to Her to guide me gently as I opened up to […]

Embrace Your True Self!

You are awakening to the embrace of your true self! This is important to manifest your long awaited desires. Tune into the sensation of being quickened. Your Higher Self is […]

You Are a Gift to the Earth

As a gift to the earth, you were born emanating the bright blessings of the spirit world you originated from and everyone celebrated. You had a simple purpose at that […]

Making Choices From the Fullness of Your Heart

Have you been weary and unsure from the slow unfolding of your dream? Has your faith been challenged in your process? Also, have you been experiencing what seem like endings […]

What Is Worth Having Faith In?

I asked this question to my guides. This is how they answered: The focus is Joy. Faith is knowing that there will be another joy-filled tomorrow. Some have never known […]

You Are Clairvoyant – Pay Attention to What Your Heart and Soul Want

Know what your heart and soul want, keep your senses open to awaken your intuition into its many forms. Ask your Higher Self to gently alert you to recognize the […]

2019 Dynamic Change Notes!

When Great Divine Universal Love wants to give you all that your heart wants, can you and will you step up to receive it or will you hang onto old, […]

2019 Time to Manifest!

 The World is Sacred!  2019 The Year of Manifestation! Take notice of the sacred, physical world around you and all that encompasses your earthly life, your body, your family, your […]

You have to love Reed Moon

Ahhh, the power and the potential. Allow the agitating energy of Reed Moon to awaken your senses and reveal your true soul pathway.  We are not meant to be in […]

The Cherishing Heart

Through my experience, everyone wants to be cherished. This is usually based on his or her own understanding of what it is to be loved and cared for. A limited […]

2018 Happy New Year!

The New Year ahead brings in the vibration of balance, equality, and reaping what you have sown. I pray for karmic readiness that you may enjoy the benefits of all […]

Sacred Silence Healing

Sitting in silence is not just being peaceful, blank and still to let go of dramas and discomforts of every day life. It’s more than that.The heart widens and spirit […]

August 2017 Big Eclipse

For weeks, you have been working with many energies to help you confront areas of your life where a false sense of Self has emerged. It has not been easy […]

Some Words About Gratitude

From a few of My Favorite Peeps In My Life… “When I wake in the morning I say and feel thanks while coming out of meditation. When I go to […]

How To Truly Nurture Yourself and Others – Oak Moon

Do you secretly wish with great intent to love your whole life, your lessons, your family, friends, acquaintances and even those you don’t know around the world past, present and […]

The Year 2017 – Spin the Wheel of Fortune!

December gave many opportunities for final awareness and wrap up of old lessons we’ve been working on for nine years (9 – the sacred number of completion). As this new […]

Relationships are the Elixir of Life!

Relationships teach us so much about ourselves daily that we are exhausted at times. Bringing ourselves back to THE PRESENT is our ticket to peace. This moon month it is […]

Understanding and Retrieving Messages From The Spirit World

Here are some questions I have been asked through the years: Do you need to put yourself in a certain mindset in order to channel? In the beginning I needed […]

Saint Mother Teresa Enveloped and Demonstrated the Sacred Energy of Mother Mary

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” “If you can’t feed […]

ATTENTION LIGHTWORKERS Who Forget to Nurture Themselves!

Including the TEACHERS, HEALERS, HELPERS, and CARETAKERS So many of us are blessed with natural and soulful care and concern for others. We spend our days shaping our lives around […]

Balance on the Path of Devotional Love

A fabulous choice: love of self and love of others… in balance! Most of us are out of whack when it comes to keeping the balance between love of self […]

Emotional Suffering – A Crying Shame

Suffering is an option. Pain may be present at times, but it can be transmuted into Light by asking your Divine Self, your Higher Divine Guardians, the Ascended Masters to […]

Follow Your Joy to Your Spiritual Heart

Your Spirit Heart resides deeply within your core essence. It knows the abundance of the Universe. You can find this essence as you remember the feelings of radiant connection you […]

New Year 2016 – The Hermit

2016 vibrates with a “9” energy, the power of completion and the path of the Hermit. Does that mean you have to wear a hooded cloak and hide from everyone […]

Live Your Life With Ease And Grace

My Favorite Expression! I asked my Higher Self to get in contact with the Wise Ones to help me elaborate: “As you follow your soul’s guidance, if you allow this […]

Christmas Has Celtic/Pagan Roots

Winter Solstice/ Yule, December 21, is when the dark half of the year relinquishes to the light half. It is the time of the greatest darkness and is the shortest […]

A Couple of Hours with Wendy and Emmy on a Hiking Trail

There I sat under my favorite oak tree at Mission Trails on a beautiful, warm, and lightly windy fall morning – my initial goal was to get out of the […]

Loving Self – A Gift of Immense Proportion

One day in a conversation with a kind, elderly man I was compelled to relay how important it is to love himself. He asked me, “Why do I need to […]


I asked for an ascension message, The Elohim and Mother Mary expressed this to me in a vibrant meditation: “Dear Ones, you struggle to acknowledge the Divine Inspiration already within […]

Choice Points

In each present moment you are given choice points, small nano seconds to act out on your heart’s truest, deepest insights. How will you use these blasts of knowing? In […]

Letting Go of Resistance, Crossing the Three Bridges, Soaring with Dragons

The movies, How to Train Your Dragon I and II, are set in the mythical world of burly Vikings and wild dragons. Hiccup, a Viking teenager, doesn’t exactly fit in […]

Who Is Archangel Metatron?

From the void is the potential of pure light. This radiant light being is the right hand of God. He/She will heal all who ask and more effectively those that […]

Respond With Love

        I have a beautiful friend who has inspired me to write this article. I have known her for 23 years. Throughout the time that we have […]

The Spiritual Heart

Your Spirit Heart resides deeply within your core essence.  It knows the abundance of the Universe.  You can find this essence as you remember the feelings of radiant connection you […]

Live Your Life With Ease and Grace. My Favorite Expression!

I asked my Higher Self to get in contact with the Wise Ones to help me elaborate: “As you follow your soul’s guidance, if you allow this blessed reality to […]

Reiki Remembered

Life Force Energy Power Higher Consciousness Unconditional Love Joy Ecstasy Abundance Awareness Transcending Time and Space Bliss Happiness Connection Oneness Multidimensional Ascension Wendy Chaffin September 2015

A Couple of Hours with Wendy and Nature on a Hiking Trail

     There I sat under my favorite oak tree at Mission Trails on a beautiful, warm, and lightly windy fall morning – my initial goal was to get out […]

The Mastery Of Divine Relationship

When we give up our cravings for more, better, and different, we open ourselves to the creative currents of change in relationship – the Mystery.  In time the experience of […]

How to Embrace Change

~Embrace change and you’ll recognize abundance. Try it and pay attention. ~Live in the present moment.  Everything that has been, is and will be, exists at the same time. ~Rather […]

Loving Self – A Gift of Immense Proportion

     One day in a conversation with a kind, elderly man I was compelled to relay how important it is to love himself.  He asked me, “Why do I […]

Who Is Archangel Metatron?

From the void is the potential of pure light.  This radiant light being is the right hand of God. He will heal all who ask and more effectively those that […]


“Compassion comes from deep inside you and radiates all around you. When you tap this fountain you drink abundantly. Free flowing and ever present, this force guides your life. Allow […]

Choice Points

       In each present moment you are given choice points, small nano seconds to act out on our heart’s truest, deepest insights.  How will you use these blasts […]


     My greatest mastery is when I maintain my awareness that everyone I meet, everyone I see, everyone I talk to is the essence of God/Goddess.  Everything I see, […]

The Fourth Dimension

“The Fourth Dimension is the vibration of Divine Love, Spiritual Compassion, and Spiritual Selflessness.  Here you are aligned with the Sound of the Universe.  Your Higher Self, your Higher Divine […]


Everyone seems to be fascinated with knowing the colors of their energy field – the aura. Understanding and reading someone’s aura is complicated.  I have been seeing them my whole […]

Spiritual Acceptance

 Living without acceptance of a person, situation or circumstance creates an intensity of discomfort that can vary from tolerable to miserable. Acceptance is the precursor to happiness.  Enjoyment is earned […]

Allowing a Spiritual Relationship by BE-ing Silent

     Surrender is the highest form of conscious contact with the Divine.  This leads to harmony and balance.  When you are feeling anxious or troubled, take a deep breath and […]

Sacred Discoveries Receives 2015 Best of La Jolla Award

Sacred Discoveries Receives 2015 Best of La Jolla Award La Jolla Award Program Honors the Achievement LA JOLLA April 2, 2015 — Sacred Discoveries has been selected for the 2015 […]

Rowan Moon

Rowan relates to the astrological sign of Aquarius and Aquarius relates to the description of Luis (Rowan below). The Celtic Ogham is Luis (loo-ish).   Protection against enchantment or the […]

Twelve Ways You Know You are Divinely Guided

Twelve ways that prove that you are guided, protected, nurtured, loved and creating with Divine Source working through you: 1.  If you follow inner guidance to show your true self […]

Is Your Ego Expressing in the Higher Vibrations? Holly Moon

Wake Up!  Stay conscious of what your ego is doing!   The ego likes to involve your S.E.M.P.E.S. in negative (lower ego) and positive (ego in Higher Vibrational) ways: Spiritually: […]

The Doorway to Self Compassion – Oak Moon

During Oak Moon, call in Kele-de (an Irish Goddess).  She brings in Mastery of Healing.  You may call her in to heal any self doubt or worries you may have. […]

Making Joyful Choices – Hawthorne Moon

I love this moon vibration because now it is easy for me to know what my heart wants and begin making joyful choices.  It took a long time for me […]

The Way to Trust Life

 I sat in meditation one day really allowing myself to  ponder trust and this is what  I channeled:    “Life reflects you with a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes interacting with […]

Connect with your Soul

Connect with your soul!  For this Willow Moon that relates to Taurus remember that the Earth is holy.  As you maintain this sense of honor and regard for all that […]

Alder Moon Vibration Moves You Forward

During Alder Moon vibration, relating to Aries, I usually feel ready to get started on something that I have been dreaming about and planning.  I seem to get just the right […]

Are You Sensitive?

     Are you sensitive too?   In the early part of my life, I could not understand why I was so nervous or uncomfortable around people, even my family […]

My Favorite Daily Sacred Rituals

*I write down my dreams and interpret them symbolically keeping in mind an important guardian is messaging to me a current lesson that will assist my life. *Just as my foot touches […]

Connect to Your Sacred Self with Ritual – Ash Moon

Ritual is necessary with Ash Moon.  She takes us into our illusions to help us to remain attentive to our Sacred Path.  I spent many years sorting out my own […]

Higher Consciousness with Rowan Moon

Raise your vibration, up, up , up and away.  Rowan Moon is a conductor of electricity, knowledge and insights.  See into your future and connect to the magic that lies […]

St. Peter, “Faith like a Rock” A Metaphysical Perspective

  Recently, I sat in a personal meditation to uncover  more awareness regarding FAITH.  Much to my surprise I was introduced to St. Peter.  I felt as if I was an old […]

The Soul Guardian – Cerridwen

The Soul Guardian, Cerridwen is the mother of both light and darkness.  In a short channeling with her, I gleaned transformative insights, “Do not fear me,” she says. “For you too […]

How to Meditate

Practice each day, if possible at the same time and same place for awhile until you feel like you’ve got it. Set an intention to be surrounded in love and peace  Sit up. Breathe […]

Year 2014 – The Seven Year

   2014 -The Seven Year!            I am very excited about this year.  If you add up the 2, the 0, the 1, and the 4, you […]

Birch New Moon

Call on Birch to ensure a wonderful start and blessed new beginnings. Initially Birch will help you with endings and support you in releasing old patterns and shedding unhelpful or […]

Find Peace with Sacred Silence

The Elder is under the protection of the Old Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess (maiden, mother, crone), who guards the door to the underworld, to death, and to the […]

Ivy Moon is here again! Are your relationships in balance?

This is the time to honor your relationships.  Are you being supportive and interdependent or are you too wrapped up and codependent?  It’s taken me my whole life to see […]

Time for Gratitude! New Moon in Vine (Grapevine/Blackberry)

This is a wonderful moon vibration to be conscious of all that we have created in our lives.  Our work for the year has come to fruition. Enjoy your earthly […]

Hazel Moon is back!

This is the moon month to follow your inner truth.  You have the answers.  Let your own Higher Self be the guide. I have already been challenged by a family member to engage me […]

Holly Moon is a Holy Moon

Holly tree belonged to the underground Goddess Holle and its red berries were seen as drops of her life-giving blood, in which lay the secret of the tree’s immortality or year-round […]

La Jolla Light Newspaper Article

To see the Meditation Article on Wendy in the La Jolla Light Newspaper click below: Download of Pdf   First Page Download of Pdf   Second Page

Harmony in Relationships

It is yours for the taking! Harmony comes first from within, of course. Your light within and around you IS Love and Harmony. This you must be confident about! After […]

Create Respectfully With the Faeries

 Faeries are a universal phenomenon. Encounters are well documented. Faeries love nature, music, hunting, dancing, horses, and teasing and spying on humans whose follies and foibles never cease to puzzle […]

Go Through the Doorway of Your True Will with Oak Moon

New Moon in Oak Sat., June 8th, 2013.  This is the most sacred of the trees to the Druid/Druidess and known as the Magician’s tree.  It teaches sacred balance and reveals […]

Trust That You Matter & Create With Matter

Condemning materiality is one the dangers of the spiritual path because some people think they can hurry the awakening process by denying the things of this world.  They try to […]

Heart Choices Lead the Way Through Hawthorne Moon

Hawthorne is a faerie tree.  It guards wells and springs.  Its beautiful flowers are said to help prayers reach heaven. The Wisdom of Trees, Jane Gifford. Let your heart prayers be […]

Mastering Manifestation – Willow Moon

The ancient Celts called Willow, “Watery Willow” associating this mystical tree with the deep vision-producing subconscious.  This is where we carry old hurts and wounds and everything we have ever experienced here […]

Gentle Action with Alder Moon 2013

The Alder is a tree that supports and protects physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It is associated with weapons and shields.  Knowing when to take up the sword and when to […]