Sacred Discoveries


You Are a Star!


Connect to the Higher Realms. Access is easy now. Go within to find the magic of the Light of Inner Awareness. Aspire to see the light, to live in the light, and be the light. Recognize the Star that you Are! You are a beautiful light in the world. Use your purity of light to attract others, so they may find their own beauty. Listen intuitively for the steps to take. By Individually holding your sacred love and luminosity with awareness and intention, your service in sharing is graceful and easy.

Close your eyes and see with your mind’s eye. Let your intuition guide you. Become aware of the subtle levels of energy at work. Shine your light of awareness. Illuminate whatever you focus on.

Never despair! This is a time of promise, hope and brighter days. Will you shine your light even if at times you must confront life’s inevitable misfortunes?

Start now! Make choices today that determine your future. Visualize your destiny bathed in hopeful starlight.


Wendy Chaffin

Aquarius New Moon 2023

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