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You Are Clairvoyant – Pay Attention to What Your Heart and Soul Want

Know what your heart and soul want, keep your senses open to awaken your intuition into its many forms. Ask your Higher Self to gently alert you to recognize the messages coming to you in your Sacred Awareness.

By maintaining Sacred Awareness, life just flows and works easier. The Sacred is beautiful lessons and beautiful people. Circumstances and events have a balanced rhythm. Energy is higher and more joyful.


Clairvoyance – seeing colors, pictures, geometric shapes, objects, light blips, words, and movies played in your mind’s eye…

Clairsentience – feeling wafts of energy, warmth, cold, spiky, spongy, etc… a need to touch someone in a place where there is pain, etc…noticing energy in a room or a pull to go somewhere…

Clairaudience – hearing sounds, tones, vibrations, music, lyrics, words in your own voice or another’s…

Claircognizance – You just know! And you don’t always know why…

Clairscent – Noticing smells…

As you stay attentive to what you sense with eyes open and closed, you will develop your own encyclopedia of interpretations that your Higher Self can use to contact you. Notice physical events, people, and conversations. Even the most boring or annoying people have a message they are channeling right to you, as if they are your Angels. Pay attention! They are! It’s fun and fascinating to be aware of the sacred all around you! Be the light. Notice the light everywhere. Your life will be Light-filled!

Have the courage to trust that what comes to you will benefit your life appropriately.

Meet with yourself in the deepest recesses of the unconscious to discover great love and creative powers. Sit in stillness to assist the interpretation of what becomes conscious. Listen to your dream’s metaphors, symbolic images and meanings from your Higher Self perspective. Your dreams unfold in your sleep and when you are awake.

Wendy Chaffin


2 replies on “You Are Clairvoyant – Pay Attention to What Your Heart and Soul Want”

Hi Wendy, its Britta! Remember me? This is a wonderful message. I’ve been wanting to get in touch with you. I think I need your Master Reiki skills to attune me. Call or text me!

Oh Sweet Britta! It is always a pleasure to hear from you! I look forward to attune again and to advance your Reiki skills! Good for you! I left you a voicemail. Give me a call soon!

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