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Meet Persistence! The Butterfly Who Allowed Me to Keep Her Alive


For more than 20 years, I knew I have had a strong connection to butterflies. I symbolically place them around the house to decorate. Clients and friends tell me I look and act like a butterfly fairy person, and seriously, I don’t try to! I certainly have been intuitively called by the butterfly. I seem to have a way of attracting them around me as well. They follow me or hover over me. Anyone who has experienced that, knows what a joyful feeling that is! Actually, many of my clients recognize the butterfly as one of their totem animals as well. I call them “My Butterfly People”.

I naturally put a soulful, transformational butterfly symbol on my first Reiki certificate for students back in 1996. Not too many years after, a wonderful graphic designer put my ideas together to create my logo. In it and sometimes missed, one of the antenna of the butterfly is a magic wand. There is a subtle soul spiral inside a larger outer circle which represents many things, especially the containment of the elements and above and below for manifestation. And of course, the moon is within the logo, which represents my journey through the cycles and seasons of the Divine Feminine. The logo as a whole has profound meaning and represents the magnificent ability of the Creator within all of us to manifest our desires.

Recently, I had a designer redesign my website carefully placing butterfly throughout. The home page is my favorite, on the computer version, there are two morpho butterflies chasing each other around. So, I really have had butterfly on the brain!

Over two weeks ago, we had a San Diego, California, winter storm of cold rain, hail and whipping winds. It was sudden and a contrast to our convenient warm weather. Things broke, flew around and fell over in the yard and the pool was a mess! The next day I found a beautiful butterfly lying on its side in a pile of pine needles next to the pool. Assumed dead, the poor thing had been fished out of the filter early that morning and left there to be cleaned up at another time. Hours later,  I found her. I thought she was dead and put her on my shelf to look at her lovely pattern. Then I noticed one of her antennae moving ever so slowly. I thought it was my breath moving it. I immediately put her in a planter outside that had warm sunlight on it and left her there. I went out to check her later, just before dark. She hadn’t moved. Her wings were tight together as they were when I found her, but I talked to her and her antenna moved again. The winds were picking up and the weather report predicted one more heavy rain for the next day, so I brought her to a protected spot in the front of the house and nestled her into a planter with flowers and a covering from the rain. Little did I know this was the start of our sweet relationship and that this would be her special, safety spot to heal for what is now, two and half weeks later. Yes, she is still alive today as I write this!

It hasn’t been easy for her. She could barely move in the beginning. I read online it was okay to give 7 parts water to 1 part honey in a small container to a wounded butterfly. It just so happened that I finally received a very special “blue zone” honey I had ordered from a small island in Greece called Ikaria where there is no pollution or farming. Most of the people there live to be well over 100. I waited on a list for a year to get this honey from a small company called Klio. They send small batches to America when they have a good season. I gave her Pine and Wildflower Ikaria Honey with alkaline water in a cleaned out, metal, votive candle holder. I had to hold her up by her tight wings so she could eat. I was so excited when I saw her proboscis reach in like a straw and start drinking. She drank for a long time. I read online that a tiny bit of salt is okay for her too. Actually, I had no real idea whether she was a boy or girl at this time.

Each day, I would talk gently to her while giving her alkaline water or the honey water. I would clean her little legs in tiny puddles of alkaline water on the warm concrete because the stuff from the soil in the planter would stick to them. Little by little she would move her legs. She would switch off dragging a leg around and barely moved. I moved her around as if I was her physical therapist. It was precious. I felt her looking at me. I would lean in about a foot away and tell her how beautiful she is and that she is getting better every day. As it got cold out, at dusk, I would put her under a green plant to hide, but always making sure her wings were not touching anything.  I hoped they would open freely, but that hadn’t happened in days.

Finally, one warm day, after she drank water in the tiny puddle, I reached over and peeled her wings apart. She stayed in one place for about 10 minutes practicing moving her wings ever so slightly. They weren’t open all the way, but she was moving them a bit. I literally could feel her excitement, but again, barely any movement. Then she did something I will never forget.  For the first time, she crawled in a half circle turning toward me. I was crouched down observing her about a foot away, and she lifted up her head and looked right into my eyes! There was no doubt in my mind that she was deeply connecting to me. I felt her sweet gratefulness and I was grateful too. Flying was the ultimate goal for both of us. Now an “us” developed. We became a team. She did get used to opening up her wings and moving them very well. I was so amazed at her beauty on the exciting day that she finally unfurled them wide open!

I realized that she was heaven sent to me, so I can feel a renewed, joyful understanding of my life. 2020 and into 2021 has been a very trying time for all of us. It was hard at times hearing the despair of stuckness and isolation many of my clients were feeling in different areas of their lives. I felt it myself, most of all, when I lost a third, important, family member in my life in May of 2020.  The two others passed in 2019. Not only is pandemic living isolating, but the experience triggers feelings of abandonment. I certainly felt that abandonment in ways I never could have imagined. As I helped this innocent, vulnerable butterfly heal, I felt joy in every one of her healing accomplishments right down to seeing her move just one leg a little more one day. I wondered if I had lost my mind at first. I was afraid I was controlling her to live. I let go of that idea when I saw her contentment to drink from the little water honey dish on her own and warm up in the sun. Her tiny instinctual steps toward wholeness of life created subconscious steps in my life. I felt inspired and energized to get my bike ready for riding again, be more creative cooking and taking more walks. Areas in myself  I had abandoned were addressed and still continue to be as I fuss over my little friend.

 Actually, I was always a little afraid of bugs – their little black bodies and legs, etc., maybe because they’re so vulnerable to us giants. We can hurt them so easily. Instincts of survival drive these little creatures, each in their own way. Learning about them requires an overwhelming amount of investigation to really understand them considering there are so many species. The experience of taking care of my little friend continues to help me grow in understanding just how resilient an insect can be and how important each little life is. So I learned about MY resilience and importance. I decided to name her Persistence because that’s what she continues to show me. I also studied online and realized she is a girl. The name Persistence suited her well. One day I rested her behind a cute, outdoor, bunny statue to keep her safe while she was soaking up some sun. I wanted to leave her in a safe spot while I took care of some stuff. Within seconds a giant spider came out and Persistence’s body seemed to react in a fearful way. With instant reflexes and protective mothering skills, I swooped in to move her to a safer spot. In that moment I knew how much I loved her.

As she started to get frisky and was moving about a lot more, she would just jump from a plant or flower I placed her on and would end up on her back on the concrete. She would even open her wings like an airplane on a runway and go at a faster speed right off the edge of the pot, straight down to the concrete and land upside down. I’d put her back up right away.

I started to believe that there was no way that she would fly again especially because she had been in the horrible, chlorine pool. I figured too many scales were gone. I knew her wing at the bottom was ripped off a bit too. I learned online that I might be able to help her fly by getting her to practice! So, I lifted her up to my finger for the first time and tried teaching her to fly again in the living room above the carpet instead. She dropped each time straight down. Eventually, I could tell she seemed to like being on my fingers, arm and shirt. She resisted when I took her off. I started to love this little black bodied insect on my skin. She even took out her proboscis and checked me out. She may have needed salt?

So, I studied online one more time. This time seeing people repair wings with glue and scissors! I didn’t need to do that, but I also learned that I can trim both sides to make them even. Soooo, after that I followed her around with little scissors an evened out the bottom of the wings to match in a nice aerodynamic way and tried the flight training again. No go.

I couldn’t wait to tell a friend of mine what I had been doing for the last two weeks, nursing, befriending and doing surgery with a butterfly. She tells me that just the other day she was at a restaurant and met a woman named Susie Monarch who breeds monarchs! What? She had Susie’s number, so I didn’t hesitate to call. I was winging it by using my intuition to make Persistence healthy all along hoping she would fly again. I texted  Susie some pictures and told her my story. She was excited that I contacted her. I learned that Persistence is a resident monarch who missed her migration time at the end of the summer. She may have been born later after the migration period. Susie confirmed that Persistence is a girl. Sue also confirmed that it is not usual for a butterfly who normally lives for around three weeks to be an already full grown adult, cared by me, for two and a half more weeks! She said I am a Spiritual Healer called to help this sweet girl. I laughed and told her about my business and directed her to my site to see the butterflies fly around on the computer Home Page. Up until now, my clients have been only humans. She taught me how the monarchs follow milkweed, their favorite food, and only place where they lay their eggs right after mating. Milkweed can become unhealthy after September and has to be cut back. Then the monarchs will be forced to migrate to find food and preserve their life until Spring. We agreed she is old and tattered and is not going to fly anymore.

Well, she doesn’t try to fly anymore, but still is frisky and moves around and hangs on the plants very well. Anything I see she can’t do because she can’t fly, I help her with. I go back and forth to the front yard checking on her, making sure she is comfortable and I feed her now once a day. Working from home makes this possible. Today it is a little chilly. As I’m writing this, I have her in my sunny, office room with the heater on while she sits on a flower in one of her planters. It’s getting late, so I will bring her back to a safe place in the outside planter for the night.  At night she holds onto a plant and hangs in stillness. I have come to see this stillness as pleasant for her and not boring. During the day, when I come out, she starts moving as if she is excited to hear my voice, “Hello pretty lady, I love you.” I say that over and over again. She has adapted to me being her survival helper. I can feel with all of my heart, the trust she has given me.

Was it the special honey that keeps her alive? My love and attention? Or both? When she must pass, I will know that I did my best with true positive, loving energy every step of the way. There is just no getting around the cycle of life. Today, I am very aware that I am not abandoned by the spirit of my peeps that I love in the living and the ones who have passed. Not one of them is really gone. Perhaps, Persistance and I have known each other in more ways than one. And hey, what if butterflies are fairies?  In any case, I feel blessed by our time together.

Some Messages from Persistance that can help all of us during this time on our planet:

I’m thankful. I trust. I’m patient. I’m flexible and moveable. Flowers and plants are wonderful. Stay hydrated. Be free. Nothing should be harsh. I see. I sense. Be ready for flight even when you think you can’t. Stillness is pleasant. People can be warm. People will reflect back to you reminding you – you are alive. People are life affirming companions…

Enjoy every day of the glorious life you have. Spirit never dies and you will always be connected to those you have loved. They are always with you.

Blessings, Hugs, and Butterfly Kisses,

Wendy & Persistence





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Hello 2021 – A New Year of Evolution

It’s easy to see what’s playing out into the New Year. December’s powerful Winter Solstice conjunction and other alignments are continuing the process of synthesizing and reordering.
Adding up the 2+0+2+1 = 5 is the number of the year. In my mystical Qabalah background, the 5 vibration will test and purify beliefs and motivations. What may feel intense and even a bit scary, when confronted, will give way to peace within ourselves, each other, and with God/Goddess within.
The 21 in our new year relates to the tarot, World or Universe – ever changing, dynamic evolution. Harmony between all four elemental energies – fire, water, air and earth – holds us in place. It is a messenger this year that unity and wholeness can be attained.
The Aquarian paradigm is in place now making cooperation, humanitarian and peaceful living our right. Let the laws of love and luminosity shine from you this 2021 year.
May we be blessed with ease in our purifications and create a new world of unity and peace. 

Reading for January/February

Amethyst aids you in creating a firm foundation with higher levels of consciousness. Be open to Divine guidance. Your consciousness is rapidly expanding to hold the awareness of the many multidimensional aspects of reality. Healing energies move through your body to heal you, then to heal others and the world. Brighten yourself and send renewal. Divine intervention is working through you encouraging you to remember love and do what makes you happy.


Celtic Moon and Astrology Followers:
Rowan Moon relates to Aquarius – truth, higher consciousness, unity, fairness, love, luminosity, balance of logic and intuition

Spontaneous changes are occurring this moon cycle. Ride the higher consciousness waves. You may find yourself feeling lifted into inter galactic, vibrational currents as we are being loved and encouraged by the Universe to grow and evolve!
During these changing times, don’t forget that the great Love of the Divine is You. The Wisdom of God is within you and your Goddess ability to Create a beautiful version of your wants and needs flows through you. 


Wendy Chaffin 1/2021

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Wrapping Up 2020 & Heading Into 2021

Hope and relief is gathered as we approach the wrap-up of 2020. The complications of growth and change this year have been tiring and a bit confusing, but many agree with me that the inner struggle is letting up. Synthesize your new state of mind and allow your old worn out truths to make way for new. Be open to possibility again. Reset yourself to intentional, higher truth manifestations based in love, unity and freedom.
2021 may create more change, but rest assured, you are ready for it! Whatever seems unsettling, pray to be comfortable in truth and let it be revealed to you as a willing receiver.
5th dimensional vibrations continue to guide us all into higher love, abundance and wholeness both within and around us throughout our lives. Be open to the wonderful possibility that this is where you are meant to be. Raise your consciousness and share it with others.
“The Divine Soul Plan is meant to be and I accept it with grace and ease.”
Reading for the
New Moon Cycle
December 14 – January 12
Oya, the Yoruban, African Goddess plans to shock you and rock you to clear the way for what is to come. Urania helps transcend limitations, freeing your soul, and calling you to a future new paradigm. Both Oya and Urania move energy quickly like a flash of lightning!
Amethyst will aid you in creating a firm connection with Higher Levels of Consciousness. Be open to Divine guidance. The tree reminds you to be a receptive vessel for the flow of light and new life by entering into a sacred space. Offer yourself in service to the Universe.
During this moon cycle:
Rest, ponder and dream. Allow ideas and insights to percolate. Any lessons learned in 2020 can be brought to light then intentionally carried into the new year. Ask yourself what you are ready to leave behind!
Celtic Moon and Astrology Followers:
The Celtic Birch Moon relating  to Capricorn, begins on the new moon.
The two heavy hitters, Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) and Jupiter, will enter Aquarius for an important stay.
On Winter Solstice, the 21st, a vibrational reset occurs with a powerful, long-awaited alignment, the Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius, activating for 20 years air sign conjunction patterns until the year 2159. This will certainly change up the way we think and communicate!
Together with Aquarius awakening us all to future realities, Jupiter will be the synthesizer of growth and Saturn will methodically reorder. Jupiter and Saturn combine expansive and imaginative vision with the structure and discipline needed to both manifest results as well as strip away the unnecessary and unwanted realities.
New challenges and unknown potential will arise as we begin this new era. Not only will Jupiter and Saturn be uniting in Aquarius, they will also form a square aspect with Uranus (rules Aquarius) in Taurus. Uranus’ spontaneous, energetic bolts of lightning will not only bring down old societal structure, but will also help us release dramas we have been attached to.
Wendy Chaffin
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Let Your Heart Heal You

2020 has been a difficult year and we can all benefit from some extra time centering on healing and peace. Place your intentions on your heart with your mind and with your hands. Your heart is so profoundly powerful. This amazing organ in your body is abundantly full of capability. You can heal yourself and share this healing. Turn inward to release control and stress. Be receptive of love, so that you can share it with harmony, playfulness and laughter that spreads. The electromagnetic signals generated by the heart have the capacity to affect others.
Here is a summary of
The Heart is Much More Than an Organ:
Heart Intelligence
by Skill Share.
Your control center brain has always been given all the credit for everything! There is scientific evidence that your heart sends more neurological signals to the brain than it receives. The heart (and solar plexus) contains neural cells similar to those found in the brain. The heart has its own intelligence and is symbolically the seat of wisdom, courage and intuition. The fetus develops its heart first and it’s the last to go when you die. The heart is important in the beginning and in the end.
Wendy Chaffin
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Your Relationship with Your True Self

Your truest relationship is with your Divine Self. Ultimately, when you know Divinity is You, you can count on yourself. You will always feel safe in your own essence. It is what gives you balance and peace within. It is your wisdom, power and great love. Tap into Self to tap these virtues intuitively. When you are stressed, anxious or confused, talk to the part of you that can provide the answers you need.
You can shine in relationships when you trust the relationship you have with yourself. Intense contraction and expansion, life changes, are creating the thoughts and circumstances that are necessary for manifesting new realities. It’s easy to feel unsafe and lose trust these days. If we can’t trust life, we can’t trust ourselves and especially others. Center yourself within to trust the Divine Plan – to Trust the Divinity within you, and therefore you will have the Trust to allow the experience of more ease, grace, and joy in your connections with others.
Super Ultimate Truth:
You have more than enough love inside of you and more than enough to fill others as well!
Why hesitate in loving yourself fully by doing whatever you can feel, know and experience to create that?
Pray and set intentions to do so:
“I consistently know, feel and experience the Great Love that I Am.”
If this is just too hard right now, pray for hope to get out of despair. You are a brilliant light that the darkness wants to absorb. Snap your fingers and let it go. The light in you is more powerful when you acknowledge it!
Not everyone signs up in this lifetime to be a light worker. It’s hard but awesome. Be proud of who you are!
Play a happy song.
Eat healthy.
Notice nature around you.
Out of despair.
Back to hope.
Only you can choose where you want to be. Make your choice and be there!
Wendy Chaffin
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Mother Earth’s Bounty is Power Beyond Comprehension

In balance with the masculine vibration of God is the Divine Feminine, the Goddess. She is Earth Mother, the creator of all. Everyone and everything are her children. She will birth from your inner seeds of intention, thought, and desire.
The service provided by the Goddess is so incredibly giving, nurturing, manifesting! Her magic and mystery to love and bless your life is a power beyond comprehension. Grounding into the awareness of her is ultimately healing and loving in so many empowering ways.
As a trained Celtic High Priestess for over 15 years, I have developed advanced skills to help ground and blend with the Goddess. I create a sacred circle vortex of healing for my clients by blending and synergizing with the angelic guardians of the elemental forces and the forces of above and below.
Balance and healing is manifesting this year, 2020.
Maintain grounded trust in the flow and timing of the many gifts of abundance from the Goddess, the Empress, in Divine Union with the Emperor, the masculine vibration of God’s inspired action, strength and wise insights.
Believe your inspirations are manifesting. Observe with patience and faith the positive destiny for yourself, your family, work, your special interests, and our country and all the world unfolding and evolving.
Call, text or email me for a healing to align with Mother Earth’s Blessings. Reactivate! Reset your awareness of her within you!
Wendy Chaffin
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Awaken Higher Dimensional Enlightenment in Your DNA

Are you ready for a little lift from the mundane where pain and fear rule? Would you like to develop your skills to recognize the profound magic in this earth world you create?
It’s your birthright! The original quantum blueprint is in your DNA. It’s your destiny! If you are reading this, it’s because you are meant to read it!
The planet moves through evolutionary shifts and you are a forerunner here to assist. You have been slowly opening up to your higher awareness, assimilating and adjusting. Some have been doing this longer, but all of you are actively a part of this established soulful journey and you know it!
Separating from your ego’s lower vibrational limits has been an ongoing process, you know, filled with doubt, control, blame, etc., all fear based reactions.
It’s just fine now to accept the higher dimensional messages of truth that are stirring up within you. What lies in your core is great Love, Light and Divine Power. The heightening messages of truth from this space are profound, amazing and quite natural!
Be aware of the immaculate, timeless, mastery ready to be tapped with your attention to it through simple awareness! Meditating on this is a quickening experience.
Also know that it will take time for your physical reality to assimilate.
I bless this journey for you and I hope you will too! Allow ease and grace of the 5th dimension. Enter the flow of love, abundance and joy.
“Yep, Ego, it’s okay to do so ; )” Brighten to not only lighten the path for yourself, but also for all on our planet and extend that light into the Universe.
You will always be internally guided through your own process and timing.
I am willing and ready to do this journey with you for support and mutual blessings! Let’s meditate on our original, omnipotent blueprint! Then share our wisdom with the world! 8/2020
Call, text or email for sessions at 619 368-6534.
Reading 8/2020
Human DNA uses the Phi ratio to form the wave that spins our genetic codes. Within the double helix of our DNA and the human energy field, we each have access to a hidden store of knowledge and wisdom that is Divine Light. We are currently unlocking the codes which will aid in the shift from 3/4 dimensional realities to the 5th and even the lower levels of the 6th dimension. The emotions of Love and Compassion influence the harmonics of the heart and speed these changes to our DNA.
As these new aspects of yourself are awakening, you will rediscover yourself. You may find that you are not who you thought. Authenticity and self-awareness are the starting points to reach the higher goals of self-realization.
Assume an attitude of mastery to assimilate this new reality into your physical life. Act from your authentic heart rather than fear and you will contribute to the evolution of humankind and the healing of earth challenges.
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Nurturing Self and Others With Presence

Presence is quiet remembrance of your inner light and the light of others. Your inner light is perfect, wise, great love, whole and healthy, and filled with abundance.
Recognizing inner light creates balance by providing what is needed in the moment. Sometimes you need inspiration in the form of stimulation like joy, epiphanies, energy for action. Other times your inner light is soothing peace, calm, and stillness. Your light is profound, omnipotent and blessed.
When you acknowledge your inner light you are connected to the expanded universe and to our great vibrant earth. Honor its magic and you honor with gratitude yourself and all forms of manifestation: the people in your life near and far, nature, the comforts of your reality and just being alive.
Tap your spirit and you tap everything around you! By remembering your light, you help awaken the awareness of what is around you.
Know this light and love with illumination.
“Divine Higher Self co-creating with God/Goddess please awaken within me the awareness of my Higher Light especially at times when I need to remember and radiate balance, peace and great love!”
Wendy Chaffin
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Eclipses Imprinting New Vibrations

2020 PST
Eclipses imprint energy for months to come. This cycle of 3 eclipses began with the full moon eclipse on June 5th in the last moon cycle. In this next moon cycle, both the sun and the full moon will eclipse. The sun will eclipse on June 20th. The moon will eclipse again on July 4th.
In addition, the new moon on June 20th marks the Summer Solstice and both the moon and sun will be in Cancer. Summer shows us the fullness of our manifestations. The energy is bright and we move into action. Cancer teaches strength of compassionate action for self and others. The current retrogrades are encouraging life review while the eclipses are amplifying and revealing what has been hidden in your own life and in the world. It shouldn’t surprise you if you are feeling a bit jumbled up. It’s sort of like action with constant review, a need to care and do something, but time moving forward and backward confusing things.
We sure have a lot of change going on this 2020 year! Accept this time of change without judgement knowing that change encourages growth. The eclipses will imprint the coming six months with more change and growth! The change and growth is our collective destiny, so we might as well accept it. Let your frustrations out gently. Take care of yourself and remember others are feeling jumbled too. All around us is the obvious evidence of change and growth in consciousness. Try not to add to the upset. Instead, share the confidence of your inner light of awareness.
Reading during this time:
You are entering into a state of heightened awareness opening up all your senses to receive enlightened information supporting your desire for growth and freedom. This is the start of something new. A creative flame glows within your heart. Face the ending of old ways. Release the need for explanation and allow greater opportunity for your soul to shine. Focus on what is becoming by honoring what is no longer to be.
Wendy Chaffin
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Keeping the Faith

Take stock of what you have manifested this year. Powerful change has been invoked. What resources do you have now?
Spiritually, you have Higher Awareness, Higher insights available to use however you wish.
Emotionally, you have had extra time to “cleanse”, and “repeat cleanse” old emotional baggage.
Mentally, there have been so many changes around you that have made it impossible to think like before. Therefore, new higher insights from your Higher Divine Self take precedence.
Physically, there have been obvious changes in routines, home life, work life, and relationship. These have stirred up appreciation of the world you live in, including the stuff you miss and the stuff you do not miss! New foundations are being laid.
It seems you have no choice in the pandemic “time out” as old controls and new ones regulate your life. The ego had to give up and say, “Whatever.” many times. “This is the reality right now. I have to go along and comply. My only choice is to either trust and rest in the feeling of safety or feel agitated and gripped by fear.” Boredom, isolation, resignation and depression could settle in if we are not watchful to stay in trust.
Your soul can now see that something is unfolding around you, leading and guiding you in a destined way. You can decide to flow with it or create a bumpy ride for yourself.
This is an exciting time if you will allow it. This is a time of great opportunity to develop new perspectives and talents. Many light workers are celebrating this adjustment. It has not been easy, yet ease and grace can be found through it all.
Expand Faith in your own Inner Stability. Have Faith in the Divine Sun Within. Faith is calling to be created within and around you.
Keep it simple:
“I am of the flowing frequency of Divine Love and the Abundance It creates”.
Abundance is love, union, peace, manifestations of all kinds, comforts, food, pleasure, fun…

Wendy Chaffin