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Moon Manifesting

The magic and mystery of Mother Earth and our Mystical Moon readily assist to manifest desires. Are you willing to release what does not serve you and others? Will you acknowledge the Divine Feminine in you?
Moon Manifesting

Following The Moon Cycles

For over 25 years the moon called to me. Beginning in the year 2000, I became more and more committed to understand the moon’s powerful radiance and how it related to me. By 2004, after extensive training, I became a Celtic High Priestess.

The ancient Celts were Indo-European people whose origins can be traced to around 1500bc. Celtic spirituality is comprised of three major strands of belief:  remembering ancestors and the past, understanding the natural world and working in harmony with it, and exploring the connection between everyday reality and the spirit realm.

In my sessions and newsletters, I share with clients and students the gentle yet dynamic force of the Divine Feminine and the Magical Moon Cycles as I have learned in my High Priestess Training.

Creating With Sacred Intent Through All The Cycles and Seasons

In each moon cycle, I will guide and encourage you to use Sacred Intent to co-create with the Divine Feminine. Each cycle has a personality of its own that relates to the seasons, zodiac signs, colors, numbers, stones, animals, symbols and Goddesses. The moon activates feelings, intuition, and soulful, creative qualities. Knowing the challenging characteristics of each cycle can assist you in forgiving yourself when your emotions take you into reactive experiences. The empowering qualities can then be emphasized. Once you traversed these vibrations through the year a few times, you know what to expect and hone your talent for maintaining balance through the changing energies. You will develop skills to utilize the empowering characteristics of each moon cycle. I also share the importance of the sacred circle and the directional elements of earth, air, fire and water & above and below, which brings Spirit and Matter together for manifesting with focus during each moon cycle.

Calling Upon - Eleykaa 2001

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