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Love, love, love…

Love raises the consciousness levels of every single soul.

Love gives access to the Highest Wisdom at Universal and Omni-versal levels.

The Spiritual Heart has the will and purpose of Divine Love, Oneness and Unity.

The Higher Spiritual Heart is One with the Higher Soul Self and together they form a state of consciousness that is Pure Unconditional Love.

Pure Unconditional Love transcends all ego.

It is when one is in a pure state of consciousness, knowledge is transmitted through the soul into form in loving, co-creative ways (embodied Love).

In the Highest State of Love, the soul merges with the Monad (the part of you that is a part of Source) and the Monad merges fully with Divine Source (all Monads becoming ONE).

All that is created is ONE with All That Is and its very essence is Love.

Love holds Divine Consciousness.

Divine Love is conscious of itself. All Divinity reflects Divinity.


A summary and adaptation of Judith Kusel’s channeling of Lord Melchizedek


Divine Love is in all that you see, know and experience, reflecting back to you…



Melchizedek, High Priest, and his order assist the earth through the ascension process, so that everyone and everything is in a state of love and harmony. He recognizes that you are spiritually advancing and can focus in a new way to offer greater light to the world. Connect with their light of love and wisdom in your meditations.

Walk the steps of the Chakana Cross of the Andean People of South America and progress from matter to spirit. This Shaman’s journey holds you in the present moment, so you can visualize the past, present, and the future as holographic and whole. You are multidimensional in a state of constant change, yet perfect in every way.

To create and maintain a Higher Spiritual level of life you draw love and fulfilment from a nurturing environment. Always find people you can enjoy being with and find pleasure in the beauty of Earth around you. Lasting fulfilment comes from accepting other living beings and enjoying their offerings without the need to change or alter them. Accept the authentic aspects of yourself and others by doing things that bring you into contact with beauty. Breathe in the goodness that surrounds you and nourish your soul.

Wendy Chaffin 6/2024

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