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New Year 2024 Co-creating Your Reality

In the New Year 2024 co-create your reality with the Divine. That means manifesting and unmanifesting things at will. 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8. The eighth sefira on the Tree of Life is Hod,otherwise known as Splendor, uniting man/woman with God/Goddess.

To effectively harness the energyof Splendor (magnificence, grandeur) in 2024 is to honor the essence of communication. Hod is the physical manifestation of the metaphysical concept of language. The Universal Mind creates through us on Earth through mental, abstract and powerfully influential channeling. The
Universal Mind shapes, molds and defines reality. 

In 2024 we have a heightened ability to bring harmony to our words (and our world) and to practice a conscious, mindful way of expressing ourselves. The power of language can be used to create or destroy, to enlighten or mislead.

Spiritual energy flows through us. We become conscious conduits of the lights of the higher spheres. Language Magic is created using high vibrational being’s names, prayers and mantras. Create from a place of honesty with yourself and others. Choose words, thoughts, emotions and intentions that create trust and flow. Reading, studying, interpreting and processing information, and decision making will lead to self-realization. We may not only acquire knowledge, but we may also come to know how that knowledge touches the multidimensional Universe. As you sort through and decipher language, embrace joy, embody understanding, respond with unconditional mercy, love and forgiveness. Focused gratefulness encourages positive manifestations.What a fabulous year to be in the energy of discovery!


Be like Archangel Uriel and consult with the Great Source of Mystery represented by the Sphinx. Engage in inner discovery that leads you to your deepest self-awareness. Release old beliefs to get to truth that cultivates new life.

Turn your gaze within. Allow your Mind’s Eye to guide you intuitively. Be aware of the subtle levels of energy at work. Perceive the true nature of your reality.

Call forth Guardians of Higher Guidance through spoken or written prayer or invocation. Notice the synchronicities in your life. Know everything is happening for a reason and each event has benefits.

Wendy Chaffin 12/2023


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