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Keeping the Faith

Take stock of what you have manifested this year. Powerful change has been invoked. What resources do you have now?
Spiritually, you have Higher Awareness, Higher insights available to use however you wish.
Emotionally, you have had extra time to “cleanse”, and “repeat cleanse” old emotional baggage.
Mentally, there have been so many changes around you that have made it impossible to think like before. Therefore, new higher insights from your Higher Divine Self take precedence.
Physically, there have been obvious changes in routines, home life, work life, and relationship. These have stirred up appreciation of the world you live in, including the stuff you miss and the stuff you do not miss! New foundations are being laid.
It seems you have no choice in the pandemic “time out” as old controls and new ones regulate your life. The ego had to give up and say, “Whatever.” many times. “This is the reality right now. I have to go along and comply. My only choice is to either trust and rest in the feeling of safety or feel agitated and gripped by fear.” Boredom, isolation, resignation and depression could settle in if we are not watchful to stay in trust.
Your soul can now see that something is unfolding around you, leading and guiding you in a destined way. You can decide to flow with it or create a bumpy ride for yourself.
This is an exciting time if you will allow it. This is a time of great opportunity to develop new perspectives and talents. Many light workers are celebrating this adjustment. It has not been easy, yet ease and grace can be found through it all.
Expand Faith in your own Inner Stability. Have Faith in the Divine Sun Within. Faith is calling to be created within and around you.
Keep it simple:
“I am of the flowing frequency of Divine Love and the Abundance It creates”.
Abundance is love, union, peace, manifestations of all kinds, comforts, food, pleasure, fun…

Wendy Chaffin

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