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Hello 2021 – A New Year of Evolution

It’s easy to see what’s playing out into the New Year. December’s powerful Winter Solstice conjunction and other alignments are continuing the process of synthesizing and reordering.
Adding up the 2+0+2+1 = 5 is the number of the year. In my mystical Qabalah background, the 5 vibration will test and purify beliefs and motivations. What may feel intense and even a bit scary, when confronted, will give way to peace within ourselves, each other, and with God/Goddess within.
The 21 in our new year relates to the tarot, World or Universe – ever changing, dynamic evolution. Harmony between all four elemental energies – fire, water, air and earth – holds us in place. It is a messenger this year that unity and wholeness can be attained.
The Aquarian paradigm is in place now making cooperation, humanitarian and peaceful living our right. Let the laws of love and luminosity shine from you this 2021 year.
May we be blessed with ease in our purifications and create a new world of unity and peace. 

Reading for January/February

Amethyst aids you in creating a firm foundation with higher levels of consciousness. Be open to Divine guidance. Your consciousness is rapidly expanding to hold the awareness of the many multidimensional aspects of reality. Healing energies move through your body to heal you, then to heal others and the world. Brighten yourself and send renewal. Divine intervention is working through you encouraging you to remember love and do what makes you happy.


Celtic Moon and Astrology Followers:
Rowan Moon relates to Aquarius – truth, higher consciousness, unity, fairness, love, luminosity, balance of logic and intuition

Spontaneous changes are occurring this moon cycle. Ride the higher consciousness waves. You may find yourself feeling lifted into inter galactic, vibrational currents as we are being loved and encouraged by the Universe to grow and evolve!
During these changing times, don’t forget that the great Love of the Divine is You. The Wisdom of God is within you and your Goddess ability to Create a beautiful version of your wants and needs flows through you. 


Wendy Chaffin 1/2021

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