Sacred Discoveries

Intuitive readings

I blend, reflect, stay present in attention, surround with celestial vibrations, make use of inborn clairvoyant ~ spiritual gifts, and combine tools and resources from many years of training all to be in service to you!
Intuitive Readings

Blending Into Your Energy Field

When I read for you, I blend into your energy field. I “become one” with you.  Even though on a spiritual level we are already one, I consciously become more aware of it. I take note of any feelings, and sensations, mixed with any insights that come in the form of thoughts, words, colors, pictures, and/or shapes.  It is a pleasant experience for me because I am tuning into the part of you that is whole, and complete radiating life force and love. The other stuff makes its self known only if you want to share it with me and I usually ask myself at least three times whether it is appropriate to share with you or not. Every reading is a message for myself as well and sometimes what I sense is not something either one of us are in the mood to bring forward in that moment. The power of choice is evident and I appreciate this power to co-create with you so very much!.

In our session we are one , but we are also one with our Higher Selves. We tune into our guardians and channel messages all the time. I pay attention to all of this and relay it back to you.

My Best To Define
How I Do It

I have been told at times that I am like your little, fairy reminderer. Maybe because I look like one, but also I think I have this reputation because fairies are playful and fun and so am I! I think the reading experience should be just that! At times it is hard not to look at the serious matters, but again only when we are calling attention to it.

It took many years of practicing reading for others. I started in 1985.  I had to learn to turn off my ego – to be present just as Eckhart Tolle reminds in the Power of Now as many have read. I fiddle around with the messages of the Tarot and combined my six years of class lessons of the Tree of Life, the Qabalah (a class that continues for life!). I have many different types of cards and play tools to read, but most of time, they are more for you so you can look at pictures and help choose your experience by choosing a card or rune or something. I see lovely beings and colors that blip in and out around you and these energies have messages. Most of the time I am most comfortable with the energy of a stadium of angels, my favorite guides that feel celestial, safe and loving.

My hope is to make you feel comfortable and feel a part of this intuitive process as we create abundant, productive,  positive soul enhancing experiences together.  I get so much pleasure being with other light-workers like yourself becoming more than you thought you ever could imagine!

Other Modalities Used

So along with clairvoyant senses of sight, feeling, auditory clues, smells,  tarot, celestial beings, fairy gifts! and Qabalah, I utilize to astrology, numerology, symbology and my background as a Celtic shaman with twists of Native American teachings. the awakenings I have had in private sessions with very powerful healers/teachers were impressed in me in ways that I can’t explain. I do incorporate many lessons I have learned as a teacher and as a student.

I can never do just a traditional reading and I never know what spirit guides me to do in the moment. It is channeled. I feel that is the best and most powerful way to be present for my clients and students and it is the most powerful way for me to grow as an intuitive.

May i reflect your essence back to you?