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Is God Your Close Friend?

How do you see and feel God/Goddess? Is He/She one or more of the following: your Protector, Grantor of Wishes and Prayers, Divine Mother, Divine Father, the Archetype of Faith, the Healer of All Suffering, the Messenger or Bringer of Joy, Peace, Love and Enlightenment?

Recognizing your perspective can help you acknowledge your natural blessings already within you. Be there for yourself, and you’ll be so surprised at how Higher Spiritual Energies work within and through you. Shift your focus inward to your Essence of the Divine Within. 
Befriend your God Self. You’ll never be lonely or bored. You’ll always have great ideas and great manifestations. You will gracefully enlighten the world.

You are your own friend. You enjoy your own company and your thoughts. You honor your wants and needs and make them happen. You recognize the Divine Masculine traits in you: wisdom, focus, inspiration and action as well as your Divine Feminine: nurturing yourself and others, manifesting and creating your reality. You believe everything works out exactly the way it’s meant to for your own growth and awareness. You know that on the other side of fear, doubt, pain and darkness is trust, light, joy and love with one perspective shift. You love and allow your current experience, the present moment. It activates, releases and uplifts you in magical ways. 

Your spirit’s purpose is to facilitate and co-create with Mother Earth and God. When you accept that relationship with Divine Love, you become a channel for profound compassion, kindness, goodness, and non judgement.

Wendy Chaffin 3/2022

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