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Awaken Higher Dimensional Enlightenment in Your DNA

Are you ready for a little lift from the mundane where pain and fear rule? Would you like to develop your skills to recognize the profound magic in this earth world you create?
It’s your birthright! The original quantum blueprint is in your DNA. It’s your destiny! If you are reading this, it’s because you are meant to read it!
The planet moves through evolutionary shifts and you are a forerunner here to assist. You have been slowly opening up to your higher awareness, assimilating and adjusting. Some have been doing this longer, but all of you are actively a part of this established soulful journey and you know it!
Separating from your ego’s lower vibrational limits has been an ongoing process, you know, filled with doubt, control, blame, etc., all fear based reactions.
It’s just fine now to accept the higher dimensional messages of truth that are stirring up within you. What lies in your core is great Love, Light and Divine Power. The heightening messages of truth from this space are profound, amazing and quite natural!
Be aware of the immaculate, timeless, mastery ready to be tapped with your attention to it through simple awareness! Meditating on this is a quickening experience.
Also know that it will take time for your physical reality to assimilate.
I bless this journey for you and I hope you will too! Allow ease and grace of the 5th dimension. Enter the flow of love, abundance and joy.
“Yep, Ego, it’s okay to do so ; )” Brighten to not only lighten the path for yourself, but also for all on our planet and extend that light into the Universe.
You will always be internally guided through your own process and timing.
I am willing and ready to do this journey with you for support and mutual blessings! Let’s meditate on our original, omnipotent blueprint! Then share our wisdom with the world! 8/2020
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Reading 8/2020
Human DNA uses the Phi ratio to form the wave that spins our genetic codes. Within the double helix of our DNA and the human energy field, we each have access to a hidden store of knowledge and wisdom that is Divine Light. We are currently unlocking the codes which will aid in the shift from 3/4 dimensional realities to the 5th and even the lower levels of the 6th dimension. The emotions of Love and Compassion influence the harmonics of the heart and speed these changes to our DNA.
As these new aspects of yourself are awakening, you will rediscover yourself. You may find that you are not who you thought. Authenticity and self-awareness are the starting points to reach the higher goals of self-realization.
Assume an attitude of mastery to assimilate this new reality into your physical life. Act from your authentic heart rather than fear and you will contribute to the evolution of humankind and the healing of earth challenges.

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