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Your Relationship with Your True Self

Your truest relationship is with your Divine Self. Ultimately, when you know Divinity is You, you can count on yourself. You will always feel safe in your own essence. It is what gives you balance and peace within. It is your wisdom, power and great love. Tap into Self to tap these virtues intuitively. When you are stressed, anxious or confused, talk to the part of you that can provide the answers you need.
You can shine in relationships when you trust the relationship you have with yourself. Intense contraction and expansion, life changes, are creating the thoughts and circumstances that are necessary for manifesting new realities. It’s easy to feel unsafe and lose trust these days. If we can’t trust life, we can’t trust ourselves and especially others. Center yourself within to trust the Divine Plan – to Trust the Divinity within you, and therefore you will have the Trust to allow the experience of more ease, grace, and joy in your connections with others.
Super Ultimate Truth:
You have more than enough love inside of you and more than enough to fill others as well!
Why hesitate in loving yourself fully by doing whatever you can feel, know and experience to create that?
Pray and set intentions to do so:
“I consistently know, feel and experience the Great Love that I Am.”
If this is just too hard right now, pray for hope to get out of despair. You are a brilliant light that the darkness wants to absorb. Snap your fingers and let it go. The light in you is more powerful when you acknowledge it!
Not everyone signs up in this lifetime to be a light worker. It’s hard but awesome. Be proud of who you are!
Play a happy song.
Eat healthy.
Notice nature around you.
Out of despair.
Back to hope.
Only you can choose where you want to be. Make your choice and be there!
Wendy Chaffin

One reply on “Your Relationship with Your True Self”

My reflection on this moon cycle:
In so many ways, I have begun to truly break down codependent behaviors in my life in the way I have been intending for years, by looking at them as just that: behaviors – not representative of all of me, but simply expressions of my experience that I can change. I have slowly been opening my eyes to see myself more clearly and my patterns of shutting down to unconsciously protect myself from vulnerability. I have begun to take accountability for my experience by sharing it and by owning it as well as my reactions. I can tune in and know how I am feeling and act on that in infinite ways without being restricted to the automatic patterns I have fallen into since childhood. I can also zoom out and see the incredible potentiality that all of my relationships hold without putting expectations or standards onto them. They are each parts of me in their unique way while also being their own entities with freedom to change and expand, just as I come into my unique and unlimited expression. The growing awareness of myself and my distinct alignment is allowing me to shed that with which my higher self is not aligned. I know more deeply than ever what I love and enjoy, and I see the effects each time I fall back into engaging for the perception of others and not for myself. I can always make a choice and do so with intention, no matter where I am in the process, and that is how I am transforming my codependent behaviors and walking into my full experience, even and especially within relationship.

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