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About Me

* Metaphysical Minister
* Spiritual Counselor
* Reiki Master Teacher
* Divinely Inspired Clairvoyant Reader
* Meditation ~ Intuition Instructor
* Chakra Healing Instructor
* Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher
* California Credentialed Teacher 1991
* Celtic High Priestess, Daughters of the Moon -Katherine Bell PhD, Faces of WomanSpirit
* Author of Meditations and Transformations: A Guide to Spiritual Growth with Empowerment Audio
About Wendy Chaffin

Meet Reverend Wendy Chaffin

Since I was very young I sensed energy. I saw the world through energetic colors and moving frequencies and have continued a life-long search for the meaning of my visions and subtle awarenesses.

In 1985, I began a deeper search as a hobby and attracted a series of amazing master teachers that began to appear in my life magically and at right timing. My journey led me through many doorways:   psychic, astrological, Native American, Druid, Wiccan, Reiki, Qabalah, Celtic Mysticism, Transpersonal Chakra Healing, Karuna Reiki, and much more.

I discovered that I could receive intuitive messages quite easily and did not need to rely on guidebooks for interpretation. Over time my sensitivity grew and my readings became increasingly accurate and more and more like soul guidance than a typical mundane reading. I started to see the value in the process and began to read for my friends and family and new acquaintances, all the while still pursuing a traditional teaching career.  A series of mystical experiences continued to lead me on my spiritual path. These experiences ranged from having telepathic insights, visions and synchronistic events validated by friends, acquaintances, animals and nature to one-on-one meetings with spirits, angels and guardians.

This all went on while I was in college and throughout my years of teaching children of all ages including in the very conservative public schools. If it wasn’t for the radiant light of those wise children, I never would have stuck it out for 16 years. At first I thought I was going crazy, but then I came to realize that I am a clairvoyant and have had these gifts since childhood.

In 2002, after tons of consideration, and completing various programs including becoming a Metaphysical Minister, I had the counseling foundation I needed to open my business, Sacred Discoveries, as a Spiritual Counselor ~ Energy Healer. I enjoy teaching Meditation, Chakra Healing, and Reiki in the community colleges and at healing art schools. I have now attuned over 2,000 people to Reiki Energy and have counseled many lovely lightworkers. All of these experiences opened my heart in ways I never could have imagined.

I earned the title of High Priestess in my Celtic, Mystical studies. I am guided  to teach about the reflective personalities of the Moon and how they affect us. I found that I have a gift to channel meditations and messages directly from The Divine Feminine. This is an awesome and humbling experience that seems to have a momentum of its own.

I am dedicated and devoted to maintaining and expanding spiritual awareness and service to spirit. I enjoy assisting others on our ever-abundant love flow of life.  It is my hope that my clients and students leave each session feeling grounded, motivated, energetically balanced, supported and nurtured.

In addition to having many  soul contracts here on earth, I have a particular interest in the Indigo/Crystal children (many of whom are now adults). It is imperative to me that I help them access their inner wisdom and own their innate power.


I have been blessed to work with Wendy for many years. She is a source of compassion and light, and continues to offer incredibly insightful teachings and guidance. Whether we meet in person or by phone, she is always present and supportive. She shares her extensive knowledge with Grace and holds a safe space, so that healing may happen in a gentle and clear way.

Jenifer Gaudren SpiritPath Wellness

I have enjoyed each and every visit with Wendy. She has helped me understand and appreciate myself more than I knew how to do before meeting her. With years of excellent insight and knowledge she is able to guide you into a healthier mindset aimed towards more growth, happiness and fulfillment. Her gentle demeanor makes it easy to accept her insight and nudges towards healthy improvement. I thank God & the Universe for her. Xoxox

Leanne Milliken

I really focused on listening to her guidance and her observations, trying my best to honor the ideas that I was skeptical about. Not only was her intuition correct, it shaped me incredibly and put me on a totally new journey. I settled into a season of my life so perfectly. I don't see how this huge transition would have been possible without her guidance. I'll also add that talking with her is like spending time with a close girlfriend or aunt. I love her energy and realness, and she made me feel totally at home. Thank you, Wendy!

Crystal Grobner

Wendy is a seasoned guide with a beautiful, safe aura and only light to give. She has the ability to pull light out of her clients so they can quickly look in their hearts and see it and bring it out in themselves. If you are seeking counseling in the light, she’s going to take you on a perfect journey. Thank you, Wendy, for sharing who you are with me so I could see with opens eyes who I am.

Vanessa L

I've been going to Wendy for years and I have grown so much from our sessions. She has helped me work through some personal issues that had been holding me back from what I want. I wouldn't be the person I am today without her teachings, support and healing energy. She has become my life-long spiritual teacher.

Desiree Timothy

I would highly recommend going to Wendy for a reading to anyone. She is wonderfully welcoming and very intuitive. I leave there feeling wonderfully light, as though the world suddenly looked more vibrant and beautiful.

Clare L Counselor

Finding Wendy has lead to one of the most transformational experiences of my life. She has studied and lived her practice for over 20 years, is so knowledgable, and an incredible teacher. Aside from her bubbly personality and fun atmosphere, Wendy leaves you with a greater sense of self, direction, and unity with all. She has such a wide range of gifts, and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!

Catie F. Counselor

I have known Wendy for over six years. She is such a gem. She is fun and genuinely caring. She really helps problem solve and move you forward with whatever issues/concerns/brainstorming you are currently in. She has her own set of cards she uses along with other methodologies, and is so, so informative. Times flies when you're with her because it feels like you're chatting with an old friend. I strongly recommend her for inner growth as well as her other amazing specialties. Her space is very comfortable and warm and well decorated too, a clear space to relax, vibe, and get aligned. Just can't say enough about her. She's such a blessing!

AnnaMaria S.

Wendy is a highly intuitive practitioner. She's able to connect with you on a deeper level to help you discover your full purpose. Reiki, energy balancing, guided meditation, cards, and spiritual counseling are just a few things Wendy is attuned at practicing. I feel at such peace after each of my sessions. Wendy had created a mantra that I would repeat to keep myself grounded, and it was "respond with love." I loved it so much. I had it tattooed on my wrist, so that I would see it and put it into practice every day. I highly recommend Sacred Discoveries

Amy D

“Wendy saw through my facade. She picked up on information that I had not shared with others which I masked with smiles. I had been in despair, looking for respite and calm. She lovingly coaxed me into letting go of pent up anger, guilt, shame, disappointment and even rage. Her joyful, playful and down-to-earth (what some would call real) personality drew me to her and I kept yearning to learn and know more. I found me when I found Wendy! I appreciate Wendy for being who she is, a channel for healing to others. I am so glad I found Wendy 8 years ago when I took her meditation class (my first one) and I have since taken several.”

Sophia Ekwosi Science of Mind Minister, Reiki Master

“I came to Wendy around 2011. I was in a state of despair after breaking off a long-time friendship and my brother’s death. In my broken state, Wendy offered me alternatives to traditional therapy. Her listening spirit and intuitive knowing helped guide me to a place of trust again. Through Wendy I have learned the personal healing modalities of Reiki and Meditation. I take her Chakra Healing class at least once a year and have been part of her Moon Messages class since its inception. Wendy’s guidance and thoughtful insight has provided great awareness of my purpose and direction. Thankful beyond words I am…to have found Wendy and her gifts.”

Sue Ford Educational Assistant, Holistic Health Coach

“Wendy’s wisdom in the realms of higher consciousness has brought profound changes to my life. Her counseling has enabled my spiritual awakening and illuminated my path to personal growth. Although life always contains challenges, my ability to handle them has expanded, giving me greater self-confidence and sense of self-worth. She will guide you toward a state of healing and wholeness.”

Debbie Stacey Business Program Manager

“Wendy has an inspired ability, a gift really, of insight and intuition. This gift allows her, in a way that seems so natural and effortless, to channel the right words and the right energy to help uplift and redirect those she is sharing it with…. back in the direction of their own truth and joy. She has a smile in her voice, a musical quality that is very soothing to the spirit. My experience with Wendy, whether one on one, or in group or class sessions is that I always leave with more joy and peace than I arrived with. More simply stated, I just feel better!”

Deborah Hendrickson Music Teacher

“Since attending Reiki One, I have made major strides, not only in my professional life but also in my personal life. I learned more about energy healing and more about myself. The energy work is great. I have learned to incorporate it into my massage sessions.”

Tammy Pemberton Massage Therapist

“Taking this moment to thank you, Wendy, for being in my life. I was thinking earlier how broken I was when I first met you. I’m sure you don’t remember this – at the end of our first meeting you asked me to go home and write 10 things I loved. Maybe it was more than 10, I don’t remember the number but I do remember that I was not able to think of more than five. Sad but thankful that I have grown. I can now write books on the things I love. I appreciate you. Thank you for guiding me.”

A. Cota Insurance Agent

“I remember vividly the first time Wendy and I connected in 2003. It was in Spirit. We hadn’t even met yet. I knew when I was running on my favorite beach, I was ready for spiritual guidance. Running until I was exhausted – wow – there she was! I just felt her. As I feel her right now as I write this (hairs on end all over). BTW, this used to freak me out, now I know and understand. She’s powerful! And she brings out the power in me! Back then, I was a mess, divorced, alone, scared, didn’t know up or down, right or wrong, and certainly not myself. Years later 2018, I’m still searching, but, now, thanks to Wendy, I have been given the tools to get to a higher knowing, a new awareness, a new connection, an enhanced connectivity. Powerful and at times painful. It’s here within me. Through knowing her, I am now much more clear. I can see beyond the scared, little boy in a strange land not knowing what to do, whom to trust, not understanding, not able to communicate and say what I mean, wanting to fit in, wanting to please everyone, but ending up hurting many, but mostly myself...

Erik Bjontegard President, Total Communicator Solutions Inc.

Whenever success was near I would self sabotage. Failure always seemed close. I was overcome by fear and finding blame everywhere outside of me, but really I am in charge, Right? So, I painstakingly learned, ‘Why go into everything like it’s a fight?’ I was so exhausted, so tired and done with the need to be right. I was fighting off those that are near and should be until they would turn away and run and worse yet, I’d end up with a another knife in my back. Wendy has been the Light, the Guide, to help me understand, to feel, and open up and accept. Today, I know am strong. I am relieved that I can overcome all my fears. I fight the demons I used to call mine and release them to Higher Light. I have been given the tools, the teachings, and great signs of healing. I am truly blessed. Even now as I progress into a time of great success and accomplishment, if I start sinking, I know she will be there and I will feel her! Thank you ,Wendy, for being my guide to Source to a deeper understanding and the acceptance All that is One. As I write this, my eyes are blinded by tears. Love you and thank you for all you do and do for All.”

Erik Bjontegard (cont.) President, Total Communicator Solutions Inc.