Sacred Discoveries



I asked for an ascension message, The Elohim and Mother Mary expressed
this to me in a vibrant meditation:

“Dear Ones, you struggle to acknowledge the Divine Inspiration already within your hearts. Through loving compassion and service, we bless you with Higher Love. Higher Love activates within you unlimited abundance and joy. Utilize the awakened I AM presence to create with us in service.

Continue with your prayers for others.
See your light in the light of other’s eyes.
Let your hearts be light, and free to BE.
Your brothers and sisters of humanity awaken
with you.

We all Are One.

Close your eyes, feel, know this.

You are one with all plants and animals of the earth, all beings seen and unseen. You are air, fire, water and all that is earthly. The planets, stars, galaxies and universes, the infinite microcosm and macrocosm is in the light of your eyes.

We Are One.”

Wendy Chaffin
September 2015

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