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Clients, students, friends and family regularly ask me, “How do I listen and follow my intuition?” I believe there are a million and one answers to that question. To break it down, the most important awareness to hold near and dear to your heart in order to take positive and loving intuitive action is to constantly recognize that you channel messages and insights. Higher vibrational messages come from your and other’s higher selves, guardians, and soul urgings. You are a very bright and expansive light antenna! You are truly amazing! 

Declare yourself to always be a clear channel of the highest and best frequencies. Take responsibility for the Light That You Are with the ultimate goal to live and promote love, beauty, compassion, higher wisdom and oneness. Accept nothing less. 

It is your birthright to channel the natural world around you, near and far. Even as an earthly being, you connect to the spirit realm and the collective consciousness. Wow! Can you hold that awareness? Yes, with practice!

When a simple message pops in, act on it. Just do it and notice what happens next. Some messages are pleasant, interesting, exciting, fun, loving, playful, and some may seem a little out there, embarrassing, intrusive, commanding, strange, out of order, even ridiculous. Check with yourself. “Is this for my and other’s highest good? You may have to ask yourself that a few times. Try asking three times. Wait for a response through your feelings. If there is a place of resistance in your body or mind, address it. For example, “Time to buy a new car?” Place that message clearly in front of you. Do you feel uncomfortable somewhere in your body? Maybe your head starts to feel heavy or your stomach feels sick. Maybe you just get distracted very easily from the question. Practice paying attention to your big and small, obvious or subtle reactions. As you do this, notice what shows up around you. Any clues? Here’s another example: Maybe a simple message floats in. “I need to exercise.” Instead of avoiding, address it clearly. “How?” “Stretch for 5 minutes a day. Do that for awhile then build up to more.” So, you stretch right then and there, no hesitation. Then go back to what you were doing, even if you are sitting eating lunch! You are constantly being guided. As you take one message at a time and give it the attention it deserves, eventually you can catch up to all the intuited messages you have. Sort them out at first, one at a time. Know that your guidance is not from an enemy bombarding you with a heady mess. It comes from a gentle intuitive system given to you with love and respect. A part of your intuitive process is to trust your style, your version, your unique way to follow the channeled messages that you receive. 

At times, you are simply acknowledging the message and placing it in ‘mind storage’ for later retrieval. Trust the soul timing. Or you may in the moment decide to let it go completely. Be patient and kind with yourself. Be thankful for all the guidance you recieve. Sometimes it’s fun, scary, annoying, exciting, boring, or risk-taking … whatever it is, it’s miraculous. Be grateful. The more you are present and appreciative, the more wonderful your intuited interaction becomes.

Practice meditation every day in small or big ways: sitting in the same spot for short or long periods of time, standing, walking, jogging, or just staring at your ceiling. Practice preps your mind to be clear and open to receive.

I honor Higher Vibrational Messages through me and around me. I ask for assistance to act appropriately with right timing, ease and grace.


Creative new outlooks and ideas begin to grow.

Baba Yaga, the wild Slavic Goddess of death and rebirth, makes her way into this reading to remind you to get in touch with your primal, and instinctual nature.

Like the wolf, act out the wild spirit within. Use your keen senses. Breathe new life into your rituals. At the same time, wolf medicine teaches with love to govern your actions. Be appropriate with the proper balance of harmony, discipline, and freedom.

The rune, Mannaz, translates to “humanity”. Every human being has the potential and empowerment to be inspired, creative, compassionate and loving. There is so much to derive from intuitive, synchronistic insights and actions in the world reflected back to you.

Wendy Chaffin 3/2023



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