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In What Way Do You Express Your Spiritual Fire?

How do you take action with the Spiritual Fire within you?

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Awaken more light within you. Let it expand from your heart like a flame bursting 🔥 and growing. You become the flame – the flame of inspiration. Pay attention to the color of your flame. What does that color mean to you? What insights are you receiving? How do you feel in your flame?

Ways you may express yourself:

*You feel bright, happy and enthusiastic. Others see you as an energetic ball of sunshine.

*You are vibrant, purposeful, active and inspired. You are dedicated and driven to take action. Gotta go! You’ve got things to do!

*You are in awe of the beauty in the world around you. It is alive. You sense sparkly, mystical and magical with many iridescent colors. 

*Perhaps your light is a soft, warm glow that is cuddly, grounding, compassionate, physically safe and reassuring to yourself and others. Openly talking with another lights your hearth and theirs.

*Your light may emanate intermittent waves and flashes of insightful, intuitive thoughts and Higher Divine guidance.

*Your creativity has no bounds. You feel the muse and engage yourself fully.

*You experience a deep passionate feeling of appreciation and gratitude. You recognize the majesty, the mystery, the beauty within yourself, others, and the world around you. 

*Your heart feels like it’s bursting with Love to share with the whole world.

*Your devotion to Spirit grows as you are entranced by Higher Love.

All expressions have purpose and meaning. Which ones suit you best in the right moment and place?

You Are a Flame of Inspiration, So Be It!


Passion burns brightly to nurture self, others and projects. Use your unique combination of skills, gifts and life experience. Trust your feelings, thoughts and visions. Know when to act and when to assert yourself. Invoke from your inner sense of authority.

Wendy Chaffin 3/2024

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