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Is Life Unusually Random These Days?

Do you look outside and see the Randomizer (a function of our beloved Universe) has put something new on the screen, and lately feel like everyday it’s just another thing?

How can you maintain your balance and keep your sanity? First, start with your roots deeply secured in the ground. Next, put on your steam-punk, dust goggles so your vision stays clear as the winds of change sweep on by. When you are ready, gingerly take a look outside.

If the outside is changing then there may be complementary inner changes that would help you navigate the new circumstances of the external world. Take your time to adjust yourself. Find new solid ground to step on. It’s like taking on a new yoga pose and finding your balance. Assess whether any inner change is appropriate for you at this time.

When you see more stuff on the screen today, know that things will change again tomorrow, and it’s going to keep changing. Eventually you’ll land on a spot of positive surprises on the wheel of fortune. You may hit the jackpot soon, but in the meantime, don’t look outside so much. Keep the focus on the inside. Just hold tight as the Universe continues to knock on your door presenting you with gifts. Soon there will be one that you’ve been waiting for.

A very clever and creative client of mine and I did some writing together. We enjoyed some laughs as we lightened up about the random circumstances of our lives. 

Thank you with love, Clinton Rodriguez



Have faith that at any time you can invoke feeling good from the inside out, no matter what is happening in your personal life. Imagine a rainbow of luminous colors cascading down your chakras cleansing, uplifting and energizing you. 

The clever, inquisitive, enterprising, and skillful energy of the raccoon reminds you to foster your fascination with life. Adopt its optimism, steady growth, and grounded practicality. Raccoon encourages you to enjoy the simple things and appreciate abundance in all its forms.


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