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Miraculous Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael called to me and inspired the following message:

I Am the fire in your belly.

I Am the passion in your breath and voice.

I inspire you to heal, grow and assert yourself.

I will guard your loving essence and empower you to BE who You Are.

I will activate the bright light that is in and around you.

Sit with me upon the Sun-lit throne of your deep Presence.

Emanate Awareness of your Divinity.

You Are a beacon of Love and Soul-knowing.

Everything about you matters.

With a wide-open heart, and open wings to soar,

Whatever needs to be done that is essential on your soul journey, I will be there with you every step as you follow it through to completion.

I was there then, and I Am with you now.

Together we serve the miraculous freedom of Love.

Raise your chest up as the Heart Shield that it is.

Allow this for the sake of the Ascension of the Earth.

Together, there is nothing we can’t do.

We Are One and 

We Will.



Archangel Michael encourages you to activate your personal beauty and power. Feel your self-worth. Immerse yourself in your intense passion to reveal hidden balance, calm and wisdom. Rejoice in your talents and skills and your ability to share them with others. Contribute for the good of all.



Wendy Chaffin 7/2024

Archangel Michael Art Print by Lucinda Rae

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