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Making Choices From the Fullness of Your Heart

Have you been weary and unsure from the slow unfolding of your dream? Has your faith been challenged in your process? Also, have you been experiencing what seem like endings (even deaths) of the old ways? I offer you another point of view. Assert and maintain this time as your rebirth.
Imagine fluffing up your heart like it is made of soft down feathers that radiate fresh, new, vibrant childlike innocence. Purposefully activate a decision to awaken your heart light.
Choose to be bright, and in your wholeness. This will activate wholeness in those you are in connection with and personal with no matter whether they are close or apart from you.
Choose positive and loving Union with yourself, your goals and your dreams.
Now is the time to decide that you are still ‘all in’ ready for the fullness of experience just as the summer trees and plants are at this time of year!
This is not the time to be hung up on expectations. Choose from what is appearing before you. Your heart will know which path to take in each unfolding decision.
These are the offerings and blessings of Mother Earth. She offers you a plethora of gifts and trusts the ability of your heart to guide you from here.
“Divine Earth Mother, please help me appreciate and identify all your gift choices in front of me. Help me feel the joy of sifting through my heart’s choices. Lead me to happiness, love and contentment and my best and highest good.”
Wendy Chaffin

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