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2023 We Are All Sacred Lights

Happy New Year 2023!

I can already feel the magic of this New Year urging spiritual trust in the 5th dimensional flow and beyond right here and now in our 3rd dimensional reality – a year to BELIEVE in your inner Wisdom and Light and to brightly contribute to the ascension of our planet Earth. Can you feel it too?

In this incoming year it may be possible to attain VICTORY over fears. When broken down, 2+0+2+3 = 7, 2023 becomes a seven year. On the tree of life the seventh Sephora is Netzach. In Hebrew it generally translates to eternity, and in the context of Qabalah it refers to victory or endurance. In numerology and in my own experience, 7 symbolizes completions, and association with God/Goddess’ holiness and sanctification. The 2+3 = 5. Five relates to personal freedom and major life changes.

Victory over fears can be attained by blending with trust into the holiness of the Higher Divine Realms. Maintaining endurance in this sacred space will transform fear into love and elation. Use all your skills and develop new ones to meditate, connect regularly to your spiritual sanctuary. In your daily activities, hold your intention to interflow and harmonize with the Light of your Divinity, Higher Guardians, and the Lights of the People and World around you.

Share your simple prayers and ideas that help you envelop yourself in the Higher Frequencies of Love and Trust. 

One of mine is to open a gateway in front of me, enter with a key to a beautiful sacred space then blend this space with my current experience of the reality around me.

Reading at the New Year:

Be open to receive the Spirit of the Higher Divine Light of the Stars and the Earth. Cooperation among your feelings, your body, and your spirit gives you the ability to experience the grace of God/Goddess as love. Sychronistically, your silent prayers are answered. Sweet and perfect antidotes to your fears and struggles appear. Your heart will open, the air will sparkle, and your world will awaken with new life.

Wendy Chaffin 12/2022

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Looking up at the night sky, or watching the reflection of the moon twinkle off the ocean ripples at night, helps remind me what a miracle it is that I and others – complex creatures capable of discovery, invention, analytical thought, love, compassion, commitment – we all exist here together on this ball of dirt and water we call earth. That tames the ego. This is how the end of desire starts for me.

No, it is not dull and boring at all. It gives life much amusement to observe the daily drama without getting sucked in.

Do I get angry? Absolutely. I’m angry at cruelty, trickery, thievery, and other hurtful behaviors. I no longer fear speaking up when something is wrong. There is tremendous freedom when the ego just observes and doesn’t drive or add to the trainwreck of human competition, but I can still quietly see and speak the truth when that can be of service.

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