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August 2017 Big Eclipse

For weeks, you have been working with many energies to help you confront areas of your life where a false sense of Self has emerged. It has not been easy for most. The only way out has been to develop Union with Spirit and Self. You may imagine your ego holding hands with your Higher Self. Everyone has been adjusting and coping through events and circumstances that remind us that humility is the only way out! Some have had it rougher than others. Now you’re ready for the eclipse to renew you at a deep transmutational level like a restart button! And yes, this imprint of energy will continue to stir up wonderful awakenings throughout the rest of this year. So it is a good time to be empty, calm, and positively connected to your Higher Self. During the eclipse it is wise to meditate, relax and even fast before and during. It is never advisable to be outside during a solar power hit! Take care of yourself with a big open heart. You deserve it.

After the Solar Eclipse has taken us into the depths of our shadow we have a new vision, a new perspective on those aspects of ourselves that were formerly unseen or unacknowledged, perhaps denied or unloved. We can appreciate how they have served us. With a grateful heart they are released. In your own timing and your own way allow new levels of your True Self to emerge and express in your life one day at a time.

Wendy Chaffin

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