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I enjoyed reading the thoughts and lessons of Kiara Windruder in a book called “Deeksha: The Fire from Heaven”. I related to the deep, meaningful growth and experiences she described.
Below is a sum up of great truths she assimilated from Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma while being initiated into a neurobiological process of enlightenment called Deeksha.

  • When you are willing to go deeper and look into your insecurities, self reproach, and loneliness, you will find there is nothing to fear and the more you will come out of conflict and suffering. You will come to realize that projecting it out onto others and world around you is boring drama.
  • Underneath all your separations of reality is one mind, one body, one consciousness. 
  • Enlightenment is to see reality as it is.
  • It is observing the endless stream of personalities within, each with its own mental content rising up and falling away. 
  • There is no need to judge and compare. 
  • You are no longer able to find a single, continuous self that is defined as you.
  • When the self disappears, your need to constantly interpret reality disappears. You see reality for what it is rather than what you’d like it to be. 
  • When you are enlightened, you become fluid. You are not separate from a tree, a dog, or a bird. Your boundaries dissolve. You become the body that the Universe dances through!
  • Upon enlightenment, you realize that the Divine is simply All There Is, and each of us is a part of that. 
  • There is no difference between the individual soul, Atman, and the universal soul, Brahman. Same soul means same dance without conflict between the Personal will and the Divine will – two aspects of the same reality. 
  • You let go of struggle. 
  • You become the joyful expression of the Divine everywhere you go, simply because that is who you are! There is absolute trust and oneness with the Universe, which is totally benign, joyful love!
  • Silence opens the door to inspiration and creative flow. 
  • Life becomes a meditation.
  • “Bubbles of consciousness” rise and fall with silence underneath. 
  • There is an increase in synchronicity. 
  • Disengaging from the collective mind of humanity becomes normal and acceptable. 
  • Cravings and attachments that are based on a sense of separate existence, or self-importance fall away. 
  • Incessant desire to be experiencing something other than what is falls away. 
  • You enter the state of witnessing. 
  • Your relationship to your body changes. You no longer identify it as yours, rather, it is a beautiful vehicle for consciousness to use.”
  • You experience each taste, smell, sound, vision, and touch as exquisite, as if you were experiencing it for the first time. Each thought comes from the consciousness of each moment as well. 
  • You experience the causeless joy of being!
  • Enlightenment is realizing that there is no self to become enlightened. The seeker disappears in the realization of the absolute Divine perfection of each moment.
  • Paradoxically, in the moment of your enlightenment, you discover that you have always been enlightened, for it is your natural state. 
  • You will still have your own unique soul desires and purpose expressed. 
  • Anything fully experienced is joy!

Throughout 25+ years of practice, many of the processes I do with clients support their growth and enlightenment. One process specifically is Reiki. It’s exciting to observe the magic of the enlightenment process as students move through the Reiki levels.

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