Sacred Discoveries


Love + Gratitude + Joy = Abundance

Whether you are observing trouble or peace:

Remember the Magic and Amazingness of You!

For many, this powerful planetary retrograde time, as well as the astrological aspects, create seemingly random events, subtle confusion, continuous introspective lessons, wrap ups and undos. 

Harness the magic of this moon cycle by blessing your process with appreciation. Start and end with gratitude. Remember and celebrate how amazing you are, how much you have, how much you have accomplished, and how much you really can handle. 


I am continuously receiving blessings of abundance each day.

I have the power to serve with strength, ease and grace.

I celebrate my accomplishments and blessings.

I celebrate the beauty within and around me. 

Each day, each hour, each minute, I embody joy that is truly my own I call it in and live comfortably with it in all circumstances.

It is appropriate for me to be spiritually happy and trusting and to share this exuberance and appreciation with others. 

I lift the vibration of those around me by living with inner gratitude and peace. I affect others with subtlety, humility and integrity. 

I foster love, support and respectful interdependence in my relationships. I honor unity and oneness. I see and feel expanding joy in others.



Be like Leonardo’s Virtuous Man/Woman. Sacred geometry demonstrates that the ideal exists at all levels, while allowing infinite variety and form. Accept the perfection in all things, including yourself, and the truth of absolute perfection in every moment.

Acknowledge the joyful blessing or deeper loving intent offered to you in every relationship and unfolding experience in your life.

Bring to your relationships a world of endless variety. Fill your heart with appreciation for the many abundant, golden opportunities.

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