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The Pisces Flow Teaches the Divine Flow

Living in the Pisces flow is like living in an aquarium. You are contained in a watery environment where your conscious and subconscious minds can blend nicely in a free-flowing meditative state of awareness. Everything around you reflects what is going on within you. Whatever or whomever is there in your environment becomes a light of inspiration and union with you. You may sit in hours of peace and contemplation without realizing where the time has gone. All is sacred around you. Following rituals to maintain your connection to spirit sustains you. Spirit is the companion in this water world. Spirit gives clear answers and wonderful, dreamy romantic ideas. If you lose your focus and become emotional, it is most likely because you are blaming or playing the victim. In that moment it is critical that you see your own part in this drama and immediately switch right back to the blissful connection you have with your sweet and wise spirit.
Wendy Chaffin

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