Sacred Discoveries


Love + Gratitude + Joy = Abundance

Whether you are observing trouble or peace:

Remember the Magic and Amazingness of You!

For many, this powerful planetary retrograde time, as well as the astrological aspects, create seemingly random events, subtle confusion, continuous introspective lessons, wrap ups and undos. 

Harness the magic of this moon cycle by blessing your process with appreciation. Start and end with gratitude. Remember and celebrate how amazing you are, how much you have, how much you have accomplished, and how much you really can handle. 


I am continuously receiving blessings of abundance each day.

I have the power to serve with strength, ease and grace.

I celebrate my accomplishments and blessings.

I celebrate the beauty within and around me. 

Each day, each hour, each minute, I embody joy that is truly my own I call it in and live comfortably with it in all circumstances.

It is appropriate for me to be spiritually happy and trusting and to share this exuberance and appreciation with others. 

I lift the vibration of those around me by living with inner gratitude and peace. I affect others with subtlety, humility and integrity. 

I foster love, support and respectful interdependence in my relationships. I honor unity and oneness. I see and feel expanding joy in others.



Be like Leonardo’s Virtuous Man/Woman. Sacred geometry demonstrates that the ideal exists at all levels, while allowing infinite variety and form. Accept the perfection in all things, including yourself, and the truth of absolute perfection in every moment.

Acknowledge the joyful blessing or deeper loving intent offered to you in every relationship and unfolding experience in your life.

Bring to your relationships a world of endless variety. Fill your heart with appreciation for the many abundant, golden opportunities.


Is Life Unusually Random These Days?

Do you look outside and see the Randomizer (a function of our beloved Universe) has put something new on the screen, and lately feel like everyday it’s just another thing?

How can you maintain your balance and keep your sanity? First, start with your roots deeply secured in the ground. Next, put on your steam-punk, dust goggles so your vision stays clear as the winds of change sweep on by. When you are ready, gingerly take a look outside.

If the outside is changing then there may be complementary inner changes that would help you navigate the new circumstances of the external world. Take your time to adjust yourself. Find new solid ground to step on. It’s like taking on a new yoga pose and finding your balance. Assess whether any inner change is appropriate for you at this time.

When you see more stuff on the screen today, know that things will change again tomorrow, and it’s going to keep changing. Eventually you’ll land on a spot of positive surprises on the wheel of fortune. You may hit the jackpot soon, but in the meantime, don’t look outside so much. Keep the focus on the inside. Just hold tight as the Universe continues to knock on your door presenting you with gifts. Soon there will be one that you’ve been waiting for.

A very clever and creative client of mine and I did some writing together. We enjoyed some laughs as we lightened up about the random circumstances of our lives. 

Thank you with love, Clinton Rodriguez



Have faith that at any time you can invoke feeling good from the inside out, no matter what is happening in your personal life. Imagine a rainbow of luminous colors cascading down your chakras cleansing, uplifting and energizing you. 

The clever, inquisitive, enterprising, and skillful energy of the raccoon reminds you to foster your fascination with life. Adopt its optimism, steady growth, and grounded practicality. Raccoon encourages you to enjoy the simple things and appreciate abundance in all its forms.



The Power of Presence

Agree to live in harmony and peace. 

Then create your meditation by first allowing your navel chakra to be the Sun ☀️. The Sun is an ascended star holding the codes of the Divine Masculine. Become One with the Sun.

Breathe golden sunlight into your navel area. Awaken Higher ego talents, confidence, excellent health, a sense of belonging, inner joy and playfulness.

Ask Archangel Metatron to infuse your navel area with inspiration, creativity, and wisdom. Archangel Metatron greets you with a shaft of incredible love in your heart. He invites you to sit on a blazing golden throne in the heart of the Sun. Experience a slow expansion of energy. Open your arms wide to accept this light.

Metatron initiates Helios, The Great Central Sun, the Stargate to another Universe of Higher Ascension energies. Be One with this transcendent, fifth dimensional, bright, expanded light. The door opens and a burst of Sacred Fire engulfs you. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Fill your aura with white Diamond light. Rest now in a beautiful state of Presence. 

Please let me know if you were able to awaken this incredible state of being. Come in for a session and we will work with these guardians and ascension energies together.



Be a true leader. Take enLIGHTened action for the good of all.

Harness the amazing energy shining from within you. You are connected to the primordial whirlpool of creation. You are not separate from God/Goddess. Realize the sacredness of the golden spiral, the golden ratio, the Phi ratio, and a series of numbers called the Fibonacci series. These numbers are at the heart of how things grow in the natural world. Contemplating this will activate your consciousness to awareness that you are One with All That IS.

See yourself in a glowing orb of brilliant golden light. Infuse your relationships with vibrant enthusiasm and life. Surround all the people you know with joy and creativity. Magnetize and attract what you want in your life.

Wendy Chaffin 7/2023


Express Your Woo Woo!

Expressing your mystical thoughts and dreams nurtures wholeness. Let yourself go to your mind’s spiritual dreams. Be awakened by the subtle intuitive insights that float in and out of consciousness. Honor your Higher Self’s guidance through symbology and feeling impressions. The subconscious mind offers wisdom waves so delicate or precise that it may be difficult to analyze or describe.

This acute, sensitive intelligence adds purpose and meaning to your life. What seems silly or ungrounded is the necessary ingredient that charges all your earthly manifestations with magic. 

This moon cycle, bring forth your Spiritual Self’s guidance. Mix your logic with your feeling intuition. This is an excellent time to express your subtle dreams and hidden truths. Analyze your waking and sleeping dreams. Speak with open-minded friends, family, and people who show up synchronistically along the way. Or come in for a session to meditate and have a reading with me to connect with your innate Spiritual Master. Add sparkle to your daily rituals, routines, lessons and happenings. Communication, whether it is with another or with your deeper self through your voice, actions, writing/typing, singing, colors you wear, etc. …, will add luminescence to your days and future manifestations and nurture your wholeness.


The word [Adsum] has many meanings. For this reading, it affirms your own strength and focus on the present. As the angels affirm, “Adsum, I arrive. I am here.” So are you, here in the present, aware of your own Spirit Guidance from within and around you.

Learn to listen to all your parts and pieces and bring them together. Embrace them all and feel a surge of power and complete wholeness.

Activate latent, inner knowledge that will lead you to your path of service. You have spiritual talents and abilities that are unique to you and support your purpose here on earth.


The Akashic Tarot, Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor, The Crystal Ally Cards, Naisha Ahsian, The Goddess Oracle, Amy Sophia Marashinsky


Wendy Chaffin 6/2023


Your Heart’s Truth

Listening to your heart’s truth allows you to make blessed, fulfilling choices in your life for your work, your family, your free-time, and all that is attracted to you. You can create the feeling of safety and abundance. You can fill each day with love, beauty and acceptance.

Start with the knowing that your true parents are the Divine Mother and Heavenly Father. You are Light-filled with this mystical, extraordinary essence. Recognize that the Light which emanates from within you is also in others and in every situation. This Light spreads throughout the Universe, as well.

Call forth your inner wisdom with self-worth and confidence, so your actions and choices are filled with love and common sense. Practice being wise and calm, so your inner thoughts and communications are serene and diplomatic.

Hold a radical vision of your cherished dreams with faith, trust and hope in your heart. As you carefully nurture and focus your vision, your life will begin to grow and bloom from the soil of your heart’s magical truth.

This article is written for my wise, Hawthorn Moon, Gemini Friend, Reiki Master, and High Priestess, Sophia. Many moon ago, she started out as my client and student.

Through the years, I continue to be blessed by all that I have learned from her about presence, humbleness, and the profound, magnificent simplicity of the heart.

Sophia, I hope this reminds you how fabulous and loved you are! Now go out and make those Heart Choices 😉 I can’t wait to hear what you will learn next.


Dive deeply into Divine inner stillness and wisdom to cultivate your dreams. Activate trust with your loving relationship with God/Goddess. Recreate, and rejuvenate your trust as it is always forthcoming. Trust begins with you and permeates both your environment and your experiences.

Wendy Chaffin 5/2023


Intuitive Action

Clients, students, friends and family regularly ask me, “How do I listen and follow my intuition?” I believe there are a million and one answers to that question. To break it down, the most important awareness to hold near and dear to your heart in order to take positive and loving intuitive action is to constantly recognize that you channel messages and insights. Higher vibrational messages come from your and other’s higher selves, guardians, and soul urgings. You are a very bright and expansive light antenna! You are truly amazing! 

Declare yourself to always be a clear channel of the highest and best frequencies. Take responsibility for the Light That You Are with the ultimate goal to live and promote love, beauty, compassion, higher wisdom and oneness. Accept nothing less. 

It is your birthright to channel the natural world around you, near and far. Even as an earthly being, you connect to the spirit realm and the collective consciousness. Wow! Can you hold that awareness? Yes, with practice!

When a simple message pops in, act on it. Just do it and notice what happens next. Some messages are pleasant, interesting, exciting, fun, loving, playful, and some may seem a little out there, embarrassing, intrusive, commanding, strange, out of order, even ridiculous. Check with yourself. “Is this for my and other’s highest good? You may have to ask yourself that a few times. Try asking three times. Wait for a response through your feelings. If there is a place of resistance in your body or mind, address it. For example, “Time to buy a new car?” Place that message clearly in front of you. Do you feel uncomfortable somewhere in your body? Maybe your head starts to feel heavy or your stomach feels sick. Maybe you just get distracted very easily from the question. Practice paying attention to your big and small, obvious or subtle reactions. As you do this, notice what shows up around you. Any clues? Here’s another example: Maybe a simple message floats in. “I need to exercise.” Instead of avoiding, address it clearly. “How?” “Stretch for 5 minutes a day. Do that for awhile then build up to more.” So, you stretch right then and there, no hesitation. Then go back to what you were doing, even if you are sitting eating lunch! You are constantly being guided. As you take one message at a time and give it the attention it deserves, eventually you can catch up to all the intuited messages you have. Sort them out at first, one at a time. Know that your guidance is not from an enemy bombarding you with a heady mess. It comes from a gentle intuitive system given to you with love and respect. A part of your intuitive process is to trust your style, your version, your unique way to follow the channeled messages that you receive. 

At times, you are simply acknowledging the message and placing it in ‘mind storage’ for later retrieval. Trust the soul timing. Or you may in the moment decide to let it go completely. Be patient and kind with yourself. Be thankful for all the guidance you recieve. Sometimes it’s fun, scary, annoying, exciting, boring, or risk-taking … whatever it is, it’s miraculous. Be grateful. The more you are present and appreciative, the more wonderful your intuited interaction becomes.

Practice meditation every day in small or big ways: sitting in the same spot for short or long periods of time, standing, walking, jogging, or just staring at your ceiling. Practice preps your mind to be clear and open to receive.

I honor Higher Vibrational Messages through me and around me. I ask for assistance to act appropriately with right timing, ease and grace.


Creative new outlooks and ideas begin to grow.

Baba Yaga, the wild Slavic Goddess of death and rebirth, makes her way into this reading to remind you to get in touch with your primal, and instinctual nature.

Like the wolf, act out the wild spirit within. Use your keen senses. Breathe new life into your rituals. At the same time, wolf medicine teaches with love to govern your actions. Be appropriate with the proper balance of harmony, discipline, and freedom.

The rune, Mannaz, translates to “humanity”. Every human being has the potential and empowerment to be inspired, creative, compassionate and loving. There is so much to derive from intuitive, synchronistic insights and actions in the world reflected back to you.

Wendy Chaffin 3/2023




The Divine Secrets of Your Sacred Heart

Remember and rediscover a deeper capacity for love. The natural state of being human creates intimate and direct experiences of loving your partner, your children, your family and friends.

I allow love to flow naturally and easily.

The heart has multiple levels of love. Implement this perspective by releasing judgments, constraints and beliefs that you’ve placed on the power of love to heal, help, change, and awaken grace within all living things.

Growth and resilience to pain and loss creates inner power to resist judgment and opens you up to empathy for others. Empathy teaches you to trust your natural desire to help others, and in return, to receive from others.

I bravely let go of lower ego controls that no longer serve me. I only allow my Highest Good. I ask for Higher Vibrational help to assist me in opening my heart and recognizing when I am stopping myself from feeling Love’s Power and Grace.

The heart energy center teaches through feelings of Openness, Expansion, Peace, Stillness, Warmth and Freedom. Open to deep connections with others and yourself. Revel in unlimited, Unconditional Love. Your heart’s Wisdom can open opportunities to explore Forgiveness, Gratitude, Acceptance, Generosity, Understanding, Giving, Receiving, Compassion, and Gentle Vulnerability.

My heart’s Wisdom and Power sustain me with strength to learn, grow and expand my capacity for giving and receiving love.

Higher Spiritual Love awakens as you recognize God/Goddess within, your innate Divinity. The Awareness of Oneness consciously brightens you and all who are around you. Luminosity and Grace radiate from you. The bright Power of your Cosmic, Multidimensional, Soulful, Spiritual Heart will call you to serve as an example in the world.

I Am One with the Divinity in All.

I Am a Luminating Force of Love in the World.



Focus your attention with reverence deep within, to the inner temple of your sacred heart, until you find the same reverence for your life reflected back to you.

Sense your world deeply and profoundly, animating your soul knowing. Through patience and calm presence inspire kindness, compassion, and acceptance. Navigate deftly through emotional waters as well as the spiritual seas.

Wendy Chaffin



You Are a Star!


Connect to the Higher Realms. Access is easy now. Go within to find the magic of the Light of Inner Awareness. Aspire to see the light, to live in the light, and be the light. Recognize the Star that you Are! You are a beautiful light in the world. Use your purity of light to attract others, so they may find their own beauty. Listen intuitively for the steps to take. By Individually holding your sacred love and luminosity with awareness and intention, your service in sharing is graceful and easy.

Close your eyes and see with your mind’s eye. Let your intuition guide you. Become aware of the subtle levels of energy at work. Shine your light of awareness. Illuminate whatever you focus on.

Never despair! This is a time of promise, hope and brighter days. Will you shine your light even if at times you must confront life’s inevitable misfortunes?

Start now! Make choices today that determine your future. Visualize your destiny bathed in hopeful starlight.


Wendy Chaffin

Aquarius New Moon 2023


2023 We Are All Sacred Lights

Happy New Year 2023!

I can already feel the magic of this New Year urging spiritual trust in the 5th dimensional flow and beyond right here and now in our 3rd dimensional reality – a year to BELIEVE in your inner Wisdom and Light and to brightly contribute to the ascension of our planet Earth. Can you feel it too?

In this incoming year it may be possible to attain VICTORY over fears. When broken down, 2+0+2+3 = 7, 2023 becomes a seven year. On the tree of life the seventh Sephora is Netzach. In Hebrew it generally translates to eternity, and in the context of Qabalah it refers to victory or endurance. In numerology and in my own experience, 7 symbolizes completions, and association with God/Goddess’ holiness and sanctification. The 2+3 = 5. Five relates to personal freedom and major life changes.

Victory over fears can be attained by blending with trust into the holiness of the Higher Divine Realms. Maintaining endurance in this sacred space will transform fear into love and elation. Use all your skills and develop new ones to meditate, connect regularly to your spiritual sanctuary. In your daily activities, hold your intention to interflow and harmonize with the Light of your Divinity, Higher Guardians, and the Lights of the People and World around you.

Share your simple prayers and ideas that help you envelop yourself in the Higher Frequencies of Love and Trust. 

One of mine is to open a gateway in front of me, enter with a key to a beautiful sacred space then blend this space with my current experience of the reality around me.

Reading at the New Year:

Be open to receive the Spirit of the Higher Divine Light of the Stars and the Earth. Cooperation among your feelings, your body, and your spirit gives you the ability to experience the grace of God/Goddess as love. Sychronistically, your silent prayers are answered. Sweet and perfect antidotes to your fears and struggles appear. Your heart will open, the air will sparkle, and your world will awaken with new life.

Wendy Chaffin 12/2022


The Sacred Sounds of Silence

I’d like to share some beautiful messages of Rev. Fr. Charles Ogada from the book The I Am Principle: The Christ Within. He reminds us all to remember the Power of Silence and the Sacred Unseen.

“Silence is the source of every sound. The sense of hearing leads you beyond the sound when you are aware of the background stillness behind sound.”

“…harmonize and integrate the entire sound-producing activities of your body-mind complex during the waking consciousness with the sound of ‘I Am’.” (The I Am is in all of us and we are One.)

“The inhalation and exhalation of breath is really the echo of ‘I Am’.”

Eating is nothing but the resound of the ‘Christ Principle’ (Everything is of God). “When you listen you will hear the name in the crunches and chomps, the mastication and the swallowing. Then every bite will take you beyond the beat to the One…”

“As you brush your teeth in the morning, listen to the sounds of the brush. They are calling the sacred Name.

“As you take your bath, listen to the call of the waterfalls on your body. They are re-echoing the Divine Name.

“The song of the bird is the reverberation of the primal sound.

“The roars of the ocean are resounds of the first word.

“The sounds of raindrops are echos of the word of God.”

“When every association is spent in the remembrance of the ‘I Am’, a spontaneous awareness of God’s presence will surround you like a heavenly fragrance welling up from the depth of nothingness. When you enter your bathroom, you will automatically remember God. Your bedroom will become a sanctuary of prayer and your dining room a table of Divine communion. An unseen power will anchor you, making your feel as if you can fly without wings. Your heart will be filled with Divine music, which is hidden to the ears of mortal man (and woman), In short, you will become completely suffused with the ethereal sound. People will think you are intoxicated with the wine of Divine Love.

“When your heart is aware of the the sound of silence, it will expand and connect to everything. Everything will speak to you. The trees, the mountains, the ocean and the sky will converse with you. Beast and birds, fish and reptiles and all the creeping and crawling creatures will talk to you. You will understand the language of silence as every sound will pull you into the void of nothingness (peace and presence).”

Enter Sacred Silence. I would love to hear your experiences.

Wendy Chaffin 11/22