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You have to love Reed Moon

Ahhh, the power and the potential. Allow the agitating energy of Reed Moon to awaken your senses and reveal your true soul pathway.  We are not meant to be in still movement for long.  It’s time to assert your passion and purpose.  Let it radiate through you and move you through and beyond your fears!

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11/2017 Reed relates to the astrological sign of Scorpio. It is important that we don’t look for the way around and go straight through to the next tier of our soul development. Time to allow ourselves to purify and reset.

Reed moon is assisting all of us to step up and grow.


Reed relates to the astrological sign of Scorpio. This is the Moon vibration that freaks out many of my clients! I have learned through many years of befriending Reed Moon, that she is delightful. Go though your fears and agitations. Follow your truth even if it makes you uncomfortable and you will find renewal, freedom and exhilaration! Purge, purify, cleanse, transform!

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Fly like a butterfly. And so I did.
Things are moving very fast, lots of emotional crap. I hope it is all done with. I have never had quite a battle before to fight for my rights, my office space and my character.
I now have my own space, teaching is going well, and the drama has disapearred…
I call on Goddess Genovefa for assisting in healing, manifesting. Life is going in a new direction. I feel empowered. Today I will celebrate.
Lets bring on the new moon. This year was tough, but i am very pleased with the out come. Times are changing.

This has been a time of challenges and just being. I had to be silent, yet speak up for myself in a timely way. I was challenged again, again, and again by people in my field, that I am not as good or do not have the skill set. So, I went with the flow.


You were absolutely right. Taking your Moon Mysticism class IS helping me with my Tarot Readings. Today I pulled a card for a customer, and was able to immediately see how it was connected to the Reed Moon. I was able to confidently tell my customer that comfort, is not the way to growth…

Thank you,

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