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Fifth Dimensional Energies Another Time for a Lift

Hi everyone. I am continuing to provide healing sessions via phone as usual. While we are practicing safety from the coronavirus, I have stopped all in office sessions for the time being. I have many connections with clients throughout our United States and all over the world. How beautiful it has been to hear the sweet, compassionate concern ever flowing around our world. Change has come in a way that leaves us all no choice, but to remember what soulfully matters in our lives.
So, “What the Heck is Going On These Days?” It certainly has been hard to adjust to EVERYTHING feeling different in our lives. To put it simply for a spiritualist mind to comprehend:
Many of my students, clients, and friends have come to a consensus that Higher 5th Dimensional energies are assisting our planet for a very important, positive wake up. Live in Love, Abundance, Flow, Peace and Freedom from Wanting in the Higher Frequencies or suffer in fear, control, panic, pain and disappointments. The trouble we experience on our planet and in our lives is always to teach us and help us all grow personally and globally. Now is the time to utilize all your tools (meditation, rituals) and lessons of present awareness to stay in the Higher Energies. Sometimes all you have to do is to lift a little!
The Earth is ready for more advanced frequencies and another evolutionary shift. We have been prepping for a long time. In this 9 year cycle that began in 2017, we are ready more than ever. We are awakening to our Divine Essence, the greater flow of love and all that it encompasses.

Consciously know that you are beginning movement through a portal, a doorway, or a stargate into a new, dimensional awareness here on our planet. As you vibrate and expand up, you will also expand down into the safety of our Mother Earth’s blessings.

Wendy Chaffin


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