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St. Peter, “Faith like a Rock” A Metaphysical Perspective


Recently, I sat in a personal meditation to uncover  more awareness regarding FAITH.  Much to my surprise I was introduced to St. Peter.  I felt as if I was an old monk with a wooden cross around my neck. I quietly asked, “Who is speaking?” and heard, “St. Peter”.  I had never put much thought to this being who once walked this earth other than he was one of Jesus’ apostles!


I channeled lovely information regarding devotion and self forgiveness.  He reminded me that he too was here to assist others with an open heart of faith. Later I  researched him and came to realize that his name that Jesus gave him, Cephas, was the Greek word for, “rock” .  St. Peter was literally Jesus’ rock.  This represents faith in God, strong, unwavering, and enduring. This faith was a necessary foundation for the building up of spiritual consciousness, the Christ Consciousness within us or the church of Christ within us.


Peter was unsteady at first.  He fluctuated from High Spiritual to the material and intellect, yet with an ever recurring desire for Spirit’s light and love.  Peter Mastered Faith turning lead into Light.  He understood that the material realm is made of the Light of Heaven.  Faith being the Key to Heaven’s Doorway.


To walk on the water of troubled thought without sinking requires established Faith.

Those that look right through the apparent hardships of their earthly environment and declare them spiritual, heaven will unearth, rearrange with freedom and love, a new reality.


Thank you, St. Peter.  I feel blessed by your message to no longer be a slave to the mind.  Command it to be still and know that Heaven and Earth are One as Spirit and I are One.

Wendy Chaffin  9/2013

2 replies on “St. Peter, “Faith like a Rock” A Metaphysical Perspective”

“To walk in the water of troubled thought without sinking…”

This is beautiful, it spoke to me. I often find myself frustrated at me, not understanding how I could let my mind wander into such muck. Why do those thoughts surround me? What can I do to get rid of them? How can I free myself, of me, and my sometimes horrible thoughts?

This lets me know that it is acceptable and human to have troubled thought, it is faith that will keep me from sinking into them.

Thank you 🙂

Keep remembering that you are God/Goddess. You can ask for help in staying aware. Call on your God/ Goddess self when you are filled with thoughts that muddle your connection. You will feel better very quickly. If not try picking up an inspirational book, or go out for a walk. I like to meditate on a favorite avator or angel to assist me. these beautiful beings are there to help at all times.

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