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Innate Wisdom Activation

With positive intention, brighten your whole body with special focus on your own Life Force Energy. Draw together all the disparate or contrasting parts of yourself for unification. Direct your intention to turn on your magical DNA. Open up to the multidimensional memories within you. Let Mother Earth birth a plethora of vibrations to blend with your own Creator knowledge. As you awaken, may the whole human race remember this magic with you.

A Sacred Discoveries Meditation

Innate Wisdom Activation, Channeled by Wendy

Musical Background: Forgotten Dreams ~ Tranquility: Reverie

With light-filled breathing open yourself to receive Great Love from the Universe at the top of your head. Feel Sacred Light moving down through your body and entering the earth. Repeat this cycle with each inward and outward breath.

Create in your mind’s eye clouds and clouds of memories in and out of the dimensions as they open up in front of you. You find your way through to a beautiful clearing of light and color. Place your hands on your Sacred Heart Portal. The Bright Light of Mother Earth’s Energy travels up your body from your feet. As this blissful energy meets in the heart, it feels loving, reassuring, and peaceful. She reminds you that together you will awaken your Higher Innate Wisdom. 

You are floating and drifting in the expanded energy of Heightened Spiritual Wisdom which encompasses all beings, all planets, all galaxies and beyond; the All and All There Is. Messages and frequencies are activated within you with a Higher Purpose; to awaken humanity with your presence. 

Soar in these energies even without true comprenhension. The more you focus on this feeling and intend to stay connected with your Innate Wisdom (which is whole and perfect), the more you will observe how wonderful each day becomes. New insights will be revealed. Maintain the simple awareness that you Are One with All.

And So It Is

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Beautiful meditation! Short, sweet but very profound!! I loved the music paired with your voice. Thank you for the mid-afternoon pep-up!

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