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Loving Self – A Gift of Immense Proportion

One day in a conversation with a kind, elderly man I was compelled to relay how important it is to love himself. He asked me, “Why do I need to love myself and why is it necessary?” He was a dedicated and devoted husband and spent his whole life loving others. He also said, ” I am a drop in the pond of life. I am as insignificant as a grain of sand on the beach.”

So I reminded him that he is infinitely small and immensely large as the ever expanding universe with all this happening at the same time.

He may not leave this earth until he recognizes not only love for another, which he has done successfully, but to love himself.

As he learns to love himself, he will reflect back his self-love to others and they will in turn love themselves more easily.

We both agreed that love is the ultimate truth. After all it is heart-warmingly pleasant, peaceful and exists energetically in and around all matter. The matter itself is a facade overlying this beautiful vibration.

Wendy Chaffin
September 2015

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