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The Sacred Sounds of Silence

I’d like to share some beautiful messages of Rev. Fr. Charles Ogada from the book The I Am Principle: The Christ Within. He reminds us all to remember the Power of Silence and the Sacred Unseen.

“Silence is the source of every sound. The sense of hearing leads you beyond the sound when you are aware of the background stillness behind sound.”

“…harmonize and integrate the entire sound-producing activities of your body-mind complex during the waking consciousness with the sound of ‘I Am’.” (The I Am is in all of us and we are One.)

“The inhalation and exhalation of breath is really the echo of ‘I Am’.”

Eating is nothing but the resound of the ‘Christ Principle’ (Everything is of God). “When you listen you will hear the name in the crunches and chomps, the mastication and the swallowing. Then every bite will take you beyond the beat to the One…”

“As you brush your teeth in the morning, listen to the sounds of the brush. They are calling the sacred Name.

“As you take your bath, listen to the call of the waterfalls on your body. They are re-echoing the Divine Name.

“The song of the bird is the reverberation of the primal sound.

“The roars of the ocean are resounds of the first word.

“The sounds of raindrops are echos of the word of God.”

“When every association is spent in the remembrance of the ‘I Am’, a spontaneous awareness of God’s presence will surround you like a heavenly fragrance welling up from the depth of nothingness. When you enter your bathroom, you will automatically remember God. Your bedroom will become a sanctuary of prayer and your dining room a table of Divine communion. An unseen power will anchor you, making your feel as if you can fly without wings. Your heart will be filled with Divine music, which is hidden to the ears of mortal man (and woman), In short, you will become completely suffused with the ethereal sound. People will think you are intoxicated with the wine of Divine Love.

“When your heart is aware of the the sound of silence, it will expand and connect to everything. Everything will speak to you. The trees, the mountains, the ocean and the sky will converse with you. Beast and birds, fish and reptiles and all the creeping and crawling creatures will talk to you. You will understand the language of silence as every sound will pull you into the void of nothingness (peace and presence).”

Enter Sacred Silence. I would love to hear your experiences.

Wendy Chaffin 11/22

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