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The Year 2017 – Spin the Wheel of Fortune!

December gave many opportunities for final awareness and wrap up of old lessons we’ve been working on for nine years (9 – the sacred number of completion).

As this new year begins to open up for us, I sense a feeling of Higher Consciousness and Higher Love. It is a year for trusting, allowing and giving in to the bigger picture.

Using the sacred tarot, we can extract meaning from the numbers of the New Year.

When you add the 2+0+1+7, it equals 10.

The 1 symbolizes the beginning of the new nine-year cycle. 1 is the unmanifested, unlimited power of the Universe encompassing all that’s good and all that’s bad depending on the interpretation. It is also the Magician who with the inspiration of the Divine can manifest whatever he/she sets intention to create.

The 0 is total trust in God/Goddess knowing that the hand of the Divine will guide safely. It is blind faith, the Fool’s journey. The Fool has come to this point after many trails.

The number 10 alone is the Wheel of Fortune. You never know what you are going to get, but if you let go and allow the Divine plan to unfold, all the right and important lessons will be experienced. Complacency is impossible within this vibration. Growth, a new phase of life, and changes are evident with every turn of the wheel. Hold your center and you will not be thrown off course.

Another important number in 2017 is the 17 alone. This is the Star vibration. She is also unpredictable, but holds very hopeful faith in the midst of difficulties. With your true heart’s knowing you will live in higher states of awareness which always includes love, magic and mystery. Signs will be presented leading you through the necessary steps to make your dreams come true.

And what about the 2 that we have been enjoying for 16 years? This is the High Priestess. She holds the balance between creation and destruction, the conscious mind and the unconscious mind where the secret patterns of destiny are contained. We will be working with this energy pattern on Earth for many more years to come.

Wendy Chaffin
January 2017

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