Spiritual Counseling

Give Yourself the Gift of Light!

Come and escape your everyday reality. My Spiritual Counseling sessions can bring you to freedom of consciousness and the space of all possibilities. With dedication and devotion to your personal goals, we can go outside of convention, go beyond boundaries of what is currently accepted and create a new level of mind. Together we become more Self Aware and Conscious of your Soul Purpose and your purest essence of Being.

If you allow, we will:

  • Connect Sincerely to your Higher Will
  • Bless your day equal to your Will
  • Lose track of time and space and find the Present Moment Within
  • Eliminate doubt and go outside of your own predictions to your next positive creation
  • Be ultimately aware of your own Creator Within


I will assist you in meditating to become more aware of your own gifts. We will invite our Guardians, our Higher Selves in connection with Spirit to recognize our purest of pure Intelligence, encompassing all the laws of nature. I will sense your auric field and reflect it back to you. Perhaps you have forgotten your goals and dreams, or you simply need validation of your path.

We will enter the space of healing and wholeness and activate your own gifts of healing yourself and others. Negative blocks will be lifted to Higher Awareness and healed.

We can complete sessions at Sacred Discoveries in La Mesa, California, or over the telephone.  I will guide you in a balancing meditation to become aware of your own gifts as well.  You may choose to sit in a reclining chair across from me or have a full energy healing session on a healing table. You may also remain in the comfort of your own home. Session may be recorded for your convenience if you’d like. I look forward to meeting you and sharing your Spiritual Journey.
I use different types of clairvoyant sensitivity, seeing, feeling, knowing, and hearing and divination tools.  A session is like a playful mix of readings, discussion, education, meditation, energy healing, music, toning…whatever is needed in the moment.  I do not like to think of my session as psychic reading.  It is so important that you powerful light workers know that you have just the right mix of tools and gifts to find and create your own answers to life’s puzzles. I am here to help, encourage, remind and assist any way that is appropriate for you.

The goal is not to overwhelm, but to work through what Your Higher Self Knows you’re ready for.


Sessions are one and one half hours. Single sessions are $120. First session $90. If you would like a package rate, you can sign up for 9 sessions for $555. (That is a savings of $525!)  Nine is a sacred number of completion.  My clients and I accomplish much when there is a commitment for change and growth.  New awarenesses and special gifts are in store for the dedicated seeker.  Another package rate is $330 for 4 sessions (savings of $150). You can decide whether you would like to sign up for a package rate after your first session. I take conveniently process Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, credit, checks, and cash.

Please contact me for more information.


I keep track of our sessions.  You can schedule them once or twice a week, every two weeks or even once a month.  We will go at your pace, but please be careful to call me a least a day ahead of time to reschedule, or I will have to mark off an appointment. Time is precious to all of us!

I enjoy my phone sessions just as much as my in office sessions.  Speaking with other Light Workers like yourself is very rewarding for me whether in person or on the phone!