Sacred Discoveries

Spiritual Counseling and Training at Sacred Discoveries

We will invite our guardians, our higher selves in connection with spirit to recognize our purest of pure Intelligence, encompassing all the laws of nature. I will sense your auric field and reflect it back to you. Perhaps you have forgotten your goals and dreams, or you simply need validation of your path. I believe that with the right support, anyone is adept at healing, growth, and change. Join me for spiritual counseling and training at Sacred discoveries.
Spiritual Counseling and Training at Sacred Discoveries

You Found Me

Somehow you found me and that means I found you! Together we will share our spiritual journey. I have been counseling professionally for over 20 years and doing readings since 1985. In each session and reading, I learn with you. It’s unbelievable what we can do together with patience and process. I trust each session to reveal exactly what we are both ready for creating growth and empowerment. Spiritual work is humbling and filled with love. I offer only the truth. I am guided with honesty and integrity to share what is being channeled through me to assist you. Our objective is to discern solutions for the Highest Good of All.

Our Sessions

I look forward to meeting you and sharing your Spiritual Journey. For many years, I have used different types of clairvoyant sensitivity: seeing, feeling, hearing, and knowing; sometimes aided with divination tools. A spiritual counseling and training session is like a playful mix of readings, discussion, education, meditation, energy healing, music, toning…whatever is needed at the moment. I do not like to think of my session as psychic reading. My role is not as an authority to tell you what to do. Rather, my objective is to guide you to greater trust in the wisdom within you. It is so important that you powerful lightworkers know that you have just the right mix of tools and gifts to find and create your own empowering answers to life’s puzzles. I am here to help, encourage, remind and assist in any way that is appropriate for you. The goal is not to overwhelm, but to work through what Your Higher Self Knows you’re ready for. We will enter the space of healing and wholeness and activate your ability to heal yourself and others. Negative blocks will be lifted to Higher Awareness.
Spiritual Counseling and Training at Sacred Discoveries

Be - ing present

We will move through the past and look into the future, but only to find what brings the most ease and grace to the current steps of your soul journey. The goal is to be present trusting what your Higher Self knows as truth. We will look into the many parts of you, Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, Egoically, and Soulfully. I listen and sense where you may hold resistance and gently help you release those restrictions. Sometimes you will be aware of the change and sometimes "stuff" just ends up behind you - goodbye what is not in service to you any longer!


Sessions are one hour long and extended when needed. Single sessions are $160. First session $120. If you would like a package rate, you can sign up for 9 sessions (nine is a sacred number of completion) for $750. (That is a savings of $690!) My clients and I accomplish much when there is a commitment to ongoing change and growth. New awarenesses and special gifts are in store for the dedicated seeker. Another package rate is $450 for 4 sessions (savings of $190). You can decide whether you would like to sign up for a package rate after your first session. I conveniently process Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, Apple Pay, Zelle, credit, checks, and cash.

Spiritual Counseling and Training at Sacred Discoveries
Spiritual Counseling and Training at Sacred Discoveries


Sessions are at Sacred Discoveries in Santee, California or over the telephone, or via Zoom (Zoom not necessary). You may choose to sit in a reclining chair across from me or have an energy healing session on a healing table. You may also remain in the comfort of your own home. Sessions may be recorded for your convenience if you’d like.

I keep track of our sessions. You can schedule them once or twice a week, every two weeks, once a month or more. We will go at your pace, please be careful to call me at least a day ahead of time if you have to reschedule. I may have to mark off an appointment off for an unreported, missed session. Time is precious to all of us and someone may be able to use that time.

I enjoy my phone sessions just as much as my in-office sessions. Speaking with other Light Workers like yourself is very rewarding for me whether in person or on the phone!

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