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NOW Is Dreamtime

Are you dreaming ideas into reality or letting reality dream you?
Which is real, the dream, or the life you sense each day?
Third dimension and fourth dimension mix and play with your perceptions. All the while, you are a being of multiple dimensions of unconscious consciousness.
Floating in and out of the stories told to you by your own seen and unseen forces. Dodging in and out of the physical world’s mirror reality.
Reaching for outside assistance in the here and now… ascended vibrations seemingly beyond touch.
Yet, close is the Divine in everyone.
We care what is in the world around us, drawn into the stories, dramas and action reflecting the past, present and future.
The Oneness, vibrates in the powerful, omnipotent, present moment. The presence holds the mystery of the One.
All that can be dreamt of within the One is You.
Wendy Chaffin

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