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Twelve Ways You Know You are Divinely Guided

Twelve ways that prove that you are guided, protected, nurtured, loved and creating with Divine Source working through you:

1.  If you follow inner guidance to show your true self to the world, things magically work out for your Highest Good.

2.  Resources you need for your soul purpose are always available in right timing.

3.  When you speak, write, or demonstrate your truth, it is made manifest.

4.  Find your home within and you are always home wherever you are.

5.  Creative ideas are channeled through you with an energy of its own.

6.  Inspired acts of service bring abundance on many levels to you.

7.  Your relationships reflect your thoughts and feelings about your relationship with Source.

8.  Transformation and change, although seemingly difficult, ends with a smile and a wink from Spirit.

9.  Quiet and still physical, emotional, and mental moments are profound intuitive, active moments with God/Goddess.

10. You are loving your work and recognize the joy of your service whether seemingly simple or complex.

11. Like-minded individuals network with you as you inspire and be inspired.

12. You learn that by loving yourself and others you rise above previous problems freeing yourself to live in the Higher Light of your Divine Self.


Tell me what you think?  Can I clarify any of my 12 Ways for you?  Which ones do you relate to the most right now?

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11 replies on “Twelve Ways You Know You are Divinely Guided”

Well, first of all, I’m a Christian as the direct result of several spiritual experiences that have occurred in my life over the past 15 years. But if possible, I would like to get your opinion on this: I’ll try and make it short.

My daughter and granddaughter rehomed a dog they had for 2 years because of behavior problems. It was a dog
I was close to and watched quite a bit for them when they were gone. I had him before they rehomed him, but for whatever reason, all of sudden, I texted my daughter at work and was adamant about her finding a good home for him. It happened so fast within a few days and after it happened I told her several times that I didn’t know why I did that. I just felt this very strong urge to do that. So I had been feeling bad about that. In the meantime, I thought
of sending one of my poetry books to a poet friend I had not heard from in 3 years. It turns out she just had one published and sent one to me. Her book was a book on essays and when I got to the 2nd chapter, there was a paragraph in there that expressed exactly how I felt about what happened with the dog. But the circumstance in
the book was completely different. This person was in a war atmosphere and in a foxhole and said he felt what must have been God’s leading, felt he must get out of that place at once. Then he said there was no immediate reason for doing this…that he just obeyed divine direction. Right after that, a shell exploded where he would have been sitting. When I read that paragraph, I likened it to how I felt about the dog…for whatever reason, I was adamant about the dog getting rehomed and like the many in the story, there was no immediate reason for me to even ask my daughter
to do that…so I likened that to my situation and felt mine must have been divine direction also. Do you have any opinions on this? I don’t think it was a coincidence that I sent her my book and she sent me hers. That paragraph in her book is confirmation for me that I did what was the right thing to do…even though, emotionally, I didn’t feel that way about it. Opinions? By the way, he is being very well taken care of with a friend who has another dog and they get along great.

Well, Lucinda, the only thing I’m picking up here at this time is that you are in a phase of recognizing your intuitive abilities and sometimes after asking ourselves a few times if we are on the right track, we begin to realize we must follow our inner knowing even if there are no outward signs showing otherwise. I know it is hard to do and it takes courage. I advise blooming intuitive, sensitive people to give it to God or Your Higher Self and ask again at least three times and if you get the same answer go with it and let go in peace. This does take training and practice, so go easy on yourself. It is a beautiful service and at times others may not understand.
Love and Blessings,

Here’s a different one – My Husband.

I can feel the shift in energy throughout my home when he gets here after work. It can be a happy, shiny day – and then this heaviness takes over my body. It grips at me.

I keep telling myself that he is simply mirroring something that is inside me – and that when I fix that something, the situation will shift. As positive as I try to keep it, the reality is palpable – he drains me in a major way. Is it just a matter of loving him more?

Yes, the mirror!
He is a man with practical pursuits and responsibilities. You are home with the children with more time to create happy, spiritual boundaries and feeling your life, especially lately, feeling a lot. He may not relate to what you are feeling, so it’s up to you to surround yourself with light, love and gentleness. It wouldn’t hurt to send him blessings before he comes home or hug and kiss away his worldly blues when he enters the house. Sometimes, we forget to help the ones we love and sometimes we are resentful because they bring us down, but never forget how much you love. Wouldn’t it be nice to get the same treatment when you are having a pissy day? Maybe this may take a few times, and in some cases, a few months before you see the difference.
Activate the mirror with positivity!

Ok – but I’m trusting that I will see the difference between being a pushover who puts up with a nasty attitude, and finger pointing on a daily, and a positive person.

I like the idea of giving him a reiki treatment as he is coming home from work. I’m thinking that maybe I can go for a walk with the kids when he’s going to get here will work too – to give him some time to decompress. I already feel empowered.

#8 – Spirit is winking at me right now. Spirit is letting me know to keep clear boundaries, accept change, and trust. I haven’t manifested my perfect scenario, but I clearly see that there is no manipulating the situation. My daughters father is a douche, instilling fear and making empty promises are his weapon. I must keep clear and act with faith in spirit – or I will be consumed.

Hold those boundaries, maintain your Light of Awareness, and live in the Light of Positive Intentions. You are a good mom, a kind-hearted person, and you know it. Stay in your knowing. Drama has worn out it’s welcome.

Thank you for your reply 🙂

That is why I can feel the wink. I tried to go with the “nice guy” approach, ignoring the fact that some people can’t handle nice – they see it as weakness. Spirit has shown me in many ways not to negotiate with this negative force, and I just keep trying. Why? Because I fool myself into thinking I’m going to get something in return. I’m not. I have to let go of the fear that my daughter is losing out (and that I’m losing out) – and concentrate on all she is gaining, while still maintaining clear boundaries. Spirit is just smiling, laughing as I bump into the same wall yet again, gently shaking his head.

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