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The Spiritual Heart

Your Spirit Heart resides deeply within your core essence.  It knows the abundance of the Universe.  You can find this essence as you remember the feelings of radiant connection you have experienced in your precious, innocent, childhood memories.  Do you remember those expanded glowing moments when you felt one with the present moment?  Take time to remember.  Sit quietly and ask your Higher Self, “When was I aware of my Spiritual Heart and what did it feel like?”  Bask in the memories.  Fill yourself up.  Ask to awaken the magnificence of Love with and around your heart center and share it so brightly out to others bypassing all resistance from your egoic personality.  Awaken your vulnerable, Spiritual Heart.  FEEL the joy, the warmth, the tenderness and excitement all in one.  You are brilliance in physical form!
Wendy Chaffin
February 2016

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