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Be Still, Breathe Easy, Rest and Heal

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After moon cycles of shifts and releases, some being pleasant relief and some just horrible, you owe it to yourself to utilize the magic of the Celtic Elder New Moon cycle for sacred healing. Typically, it is around the time when the the sun in is Sagittarius. It is certainly a time to repose and to rediscover new ways to look at yourself and your life.

Simply put, it’s time for Sacred Silence. 

Turn off media, music, and minds. Take time to feel the calm after the storm. 

No movement for hours. Minimal movement for days. Chew slowly. Sip your tea. 

Go within and wait, and wait, and wait for nothing. 

Breathe easy. Lungs expand and contract with light. 

Traveling between sleep and awake, allow what is truly there deep within you to be revealed.

Time for You and Spirit to BE.

In silence a door opens to your own temple of mystery. 

In True Sacred Silence

You become fluid. Your boundaries dissolve. You and your surroundings and all of nature are ONE. You become the body of the Universe for it to dance through.

2 replies on “Be Still, Breathe Easy, Rest and Heal”

I am always so grateful for sacred silence during the moon of Elder and December time. I find peace within and simple gratitude for just being. Awen.

Thank you for posting, Sue!
Once you have experienced it with great intention, you never forget it. And you can experience it whenever you want. Sacred Silence is magical for sure! May you find the sweet blessings of silence this December! With Love, Awen (Celtic for and so It Is)

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