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Emotional Suffering – A Crying Shame

Suffering is an option. Pain may be present at times, but it can be transmuted into Light by asking your Divine Self, your Higher Divine Guardians, the Ascended Masters to heal it and release it. Breathe into the Light to feel balance, peace, joy, love, gentleness, connection, tranquility, radiance, wisdom….Recognizing the Light is gathering your awareness into the present moment where all healing magic resides.

Empathy and compassion are generated toward the other or toward yourself by recognizing the suffering or pain. Sometimes it seems needless and other times necessary, but all is for learning and transformation. Pain is unavoidable in life. To understand pain is to appreciate pleasure. Capture one to capture the other.

Be aware of pain before it becomes suffering. Develop the skills to grab a hold of it before it grabs a hold of you.

I have found Reiki Energy healing work assists the receiver of a healing session and the practitioner to sensitize to be aware of the first trappings of pain as it is experienced. Level One Reiki begins this practice of becoming more sensitive and aware of the subtle happenings that manifest in the body whether it is emotional, mental, or physical while learning tools to bring Light frequencies in as protection from suffering. Level Two greatly increases this ability. Level Three/Four Master Teacher delves into the Mastery of release.

Wendy Chaffin
April 2016

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