Sacred Discoveries


The Divine Secrets of Your Sacred Heart

Remember and rediscover a deeper capacity for love. The natural state of being human creates intimate and direct experiences of loving your partner, your children, your family and friends.

I allow love to flow naturally and easily.

The heart has multiple levels of love. Implement this perspective by releasing judgments, constraints and beliefs that you’ve placed on the power of love to heal, help, change, and awaken grace within all living things.

Growth and resilience to pain and loss creates inner power to resist judgment and opens you up to empathy for others. Empathy teaches you to trust your natural desire to help others, and in return, to receive from others.

I bravely let go of lower ego controls that no longer serve me. I only allow my Highest Good. I ask for Higher Vibrational help to assist me in opening my heart and recognizing when I am stopping myself from feeling Love’s Power and Grace.

The heart energy center teaches through feelings of Openness, Expansion, Peace, Stillness, Warmth and Freedom. Open to deep connections with others and yourself. Revel in unlimited, Unconditional Love. Your heart’s Wisdom can open opportunities to explore Forgiveness, Gratitude, Acceptance, Generosity, Understanding, Giving, Receiving, Compassion, and Gentle Vulnerability.

My heart’s Wisdom and Power sustain me with strength to learn, grow and expand my capacity for giving and receiving love.

Higher Spiritual Love awakens as you recognize God/Goddess within, your innate Divinity. The Awareness of Oneness consciously brightens you and all who are around you. Luminosity and Grace radiate from you. The bright Power of your Cosmic, Multidimensional, Soulful, Spiritual Heart will call you to serve as an example in the world.

I Am One with the Divinity in All.

I Am a Luminating Force of Love in the World.



Focus your attention with reverence deep within, to the inner temple of your sacred heart, until you find the same reverence for your life reflected back to you.

Sense your world deeply and profoundly, animating your soul knowing. Through patience and calm presence inspire kindness, compassion, and acceptance. Navigate deftly through emotional waters as well as the spiritual seas.

Wendy Chaffin


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