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Invoking the Extraordinary

Hello Spiritual Seekers!

It seems that many of you are sensing energies of the collective consciousness of our planet that are disheartening, heavy, and confusing as the old world battles with the new. What a fabulous time to shift your reality to extraordinary, not only for yourself, but to create this opportunity for others.

Recently, a new book fell into my hands, The Seekers Code: Your Access to the Unreasonable and Extraordinary by Donny Epstein. I do relate to his enthusiasm and willingness to put this magical message out there to the world. Since I was very young I could see and feel energy. I assumed that everyone wanted more of what I saw, felt and knew to be the vibrations that make us happy. Great energy is fabulous in so many ways! My careers, first as an elementary school teacher and then a Spiritual Counselor and Healer have given me many opportunities to practice making kids and their parents happy and encouraging the innocent, magical child within adults to be exposed and enjoyed again. 

In his book, Donny carefully and methodically activates a powerfully positive awareness within you when you allow yourself to engage in his writings. 

The goal is to experience how to use “unbound and directed energy” as a personal recipe for accessing the extraordinary. Essentially we free-up the available energy to access Creation Codes. He defines the modes of people’s energy. Are you ‘Energy Poor’, ‘Energy Neutral’, ‘Energy Rich’ or even ‘Energy Super Rich’?

Here’s a very short introduction to Energy Rich:

Having more success – beyond being liked or accepted – because you are MORE and want to achieve more is the beginning of Energy Rich. As you get to the height of Energy Rich, victory calls, invites, and beckons you with a bandwidth seducing your entire being. More than just about your personal transformation, your field now uplifts others.

Yes, it is very possible to turn it on like you’re flicking a switch. Are you ready for that kind of simplistic answer to life’s lower vibrational problems? If you don’t believe me, then come in for sessions. Even now, I am still guided by the Higher Frequencies that came to me as a child. They continue to show me the range of all possibilities. It’s a pleasure for me to experience your joy activated (and no drugs or plant meds needed). If they haven’t already, will your guides guide you to me? We’ll see … I’m ready to share and play!


Go within, to that part of you that is closest to Source. There you will find the fullest expression of who you really are. You Are filled with love, beauty and abundance.

Be open and allow spontaneous, energetic upgrades. Receive awarenesses that are out of the ordinary! This kind of cellular awakening activates your DNA to heal. Then, find the perfect space to take time to relax, allow yourself to integrate in a deep sacred silence for as long as needed. Afterward you will feel refreshed and discover new levels of enlightenment.

Wendy Chaffin 10/2023

2 replies on “Invoking the Extraordinary”

Hi Wendy
Really enjoyed what you are saying here as what we think of as ordinary really exists in the extraordinary! What we think of as “empty space” or nothingness really contains everything! When we decide to consciously shift into that space, we are surrounded by His presence where ever we go! A visual is very helpful in attaining this and I was shown a concrete example- a snow globe, only it’s not snow but a much finer Shimmering Light! Hopefully you still have the little kid in you to play in this extraordinary way, as it does bring immense joy!
What is needed in order to flip the switch? What turns it on? Only you claiming your Divine Inheritance as it is your Birth Right as you came in with this Divine Spark in you and everyone has it! In the Christian Religion Jesus gave us the key when He said “ I am in the Father, and the Father is in me, Father and I are One!” AND SO IT IS WITH EVERYONE! Is the part they left out! Recall Jesus always pointed within and always said “ It is my Father who doeth the works!” Or I am in the Light, ….
Hope this is helpful in some way!

Sweet Georgina,
Thank you for your Extraordinary message!
The kid in me tends to be prominent…
It is definitely helpful to be aware as often as possible of the Creator Within! As we do so, others follow.
May you be blessed always in the “shimmering Light”.
Love and hugs,

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