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Saint Mother Teresa Enveloped and Demonstrated the Sacred Energy of Mother Mary

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

Saint Mother Teresa

The spiritual vibration of Mother Teresa has made an impact on me even when I was very young. I didn’t pay much attention to the news or current events, but I remembered her and liked her. The thought of her made me happy. In elementary school, I thought how good to know that there are people in the world that care with deep conviction.

Now through my work and studies developing the Divine Feminine in myself and others and as a Celtic High Priestess of Daughters of the Moon and Sacred Moon Discoveries, I know her in other guise as the Divine Mother, Goddess, or Mother Earth.

Father Joseph Langford, cofounder with Mother Teresa of her community of priests, the Missionaries of Charity Fathers, and author of “Mother Teresa: In the Shadow of Our Lady,” writes Mother Teresa’s secrets from her deep and revealing letters only he was allowed to read. It was important for him to reveal the letters to support her Cannonization by the Catholic Church. She will be identified as a Saint this year in 2016, possibly in September.

Mother Mary strengthened her in carrying her own pain, and in tending to the pain of the poor. “Our Lady (Mother Mary) would help her to not only believe in the night, but to love in the night – to transform the mystery of the cross, both within her and around her, into seeds of resurrection.”

“Mother Teresa discovered that Our Lady’s presence alongside her in the slums purified things, no matter how sullied, and beautified things, no matter how uncomely. She opened the blackest of horizons to the light of God’s grace.”

Mother Teresa emptied herself in order to allow Light to move through her. In doing so, she became a Channel of Light.

I stumbled into the movie, ” The Letters, ” on Netflix. She wanted “to serve Him amongst the poorest of the poor” in India. I was so completely touched by her devotional love and acceptance. She spent over 50 years teaching, nursing, befriending and allowing safe passage for the dying. I was moved by how many people she served.

I related particularly because I just recently lost my mother in 2015 to a quick and scary cancer. I had to adjust my understanding of life and the importance of honoring another’s soul path passing time without attachment. It was a blessing to share love and peace in the midst of darkness. It was and still is a humbling experience.

In her letters to Father Langford it was obvious that Mother Teresa endured tremendous darkness. She felt abandoned by God. It was as if she had to feel the nothingness to allow God’s Greatness to work through her.

Here is a link below to the song, “Run” by Leona Lewis, played at the end of the movie. It is beautiful, but intense and extracts many interpretations. Here is mine. As we let go of those we love, or in the passings (deaths, changes) in our lives, there is Hope, Beauty and Divine Reflection (Light reflecting from our Union with others and Source).

Wendy Chaffin
June 2016

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