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My Higher Dimensional Relationships

The Spirit Family for whom I make a home in my heart has sustained me since I can remember. My ethereal friends kept me company, offered great creative ideas, and always related to and encouraged my interests. I was blessed as a child when my mother showed enthusiasm for all my amusements, including my invisible companions. One way she supported me was to set the table for them at meal time. These Spirit Friends were beautifully and otherworldly colorful, bright, always available and friendly. Throughout the years they shapeshifted to match my needs, interests and lessons. I am aware now more than ever, that this is my true family. Now that my key earth family members have passed, they are in sync with these Guardians, Helpers, and Spirit Friends. We are all of this same Spirit Family. I understand Oneness on a whole new level now without hurting and longing for my earth people who have passed. 

So many times throughout my life, I have forgotten and did not hold my awareness of my Spirit Friends or Guardians or connected to the Spirit of the People in my life. I wondered why I felt so alone. 

The Guardians are of a Higher Vibrational Enlightened Awareness. They have abilities and understandings they share and teach of the Higher Dimensions that are our birthright. As our Earth and Her inhabitants collectively ascend or shift into Higher Frequencies, people are beginning to sense the Spirit Realms that are here with us in different dimensions. As our world vibrates higher so can we. This can be called the Christ Consciousness that is heightening and awakening on our planet. We all have this magnificence within us. It’s a matter of practicing, recognizing, and maintaining it. 

I can vibrate quite high like a hummingbird and tune in to the energies in the ethers. I see it around all objects and beings that pop in and out as “light people” shapes or orbs. As a child I was living and breathing other dimensional realities and relating to it as normal. For me it is like feeling, seeing and sensing energy colors and “cotton candy” light between and through physical objects and nature.

It is very clear to me where home really is. It is in the relationship I have with my spirit. It’s not an actual, literal home. The many attempts to feel at home here on earth in the 3rd dimension have been an exhausting adventure when the channel I tuned into is of the sadness and sufferings of the world. It’s a choice and it takes practice to maintain the knowing that I am home with the magical, ever manifesting Spirit of Mother Earth and the Spirit World within and around me. This activates the “Heavenly Home” that is anywhere I Am. I associate with positive energies that are supportive, peaceful, loving, joyful, and who assist in my important soul lessons. The Spirit Relationships I cherish in the Heavenly Home are: 

With Great Spirit – God/Goddess, Creator/ Creatrix,

My Higher Divine Self,


Ascended Masters and Teachers,

High Frequency Soul Guardians, 

The Higher Spiritual Energy of the Earth World,                          

Mother Earth including all people, plants, insects, animals, birds, elementals, etc…, and

Higher Frequency Beings from our Universe and beyond. 

When I tune in to the Heavenly Home, all those around me can be there too. It is a service we all can enjoy. 


A Sacred Discoveries Prayer

channeled by 

Wendy Chaffin

Heavenly Home With You

Dear Heavenly Home of Divine Light and Ascension Guardians, 

Please remind me to focus my attention with you when I forget. Being at Heavenly Home with you, I am loved, safe, and guided. At Heavenly Home with You, I am free to joyfully explore my own Divine Presence here on Magical Mother Earth. At Heavenly Home with You, I Am healthy, whole, and radiant. I Am intuitively open and aware of the essence of Beauty that I Am and all the Beauty that others Are, as well. 

And So It Is. 



Wendy Chaffin 9/2022

Archangel Gabriel – Endre Balogh

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