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The Divine In Me Honors The Divine In You

Healthy, sacred relationships are the result of  honoring sacred union with yourself. I will assist you in remembering your inner light and the light of others. Your inner light is perfect, wise, great love, whole and healthy, and filled with abundance. Recognizing this inner light creates balance by providing what is needed in the moment. Sometimes you need inspiration in the form of stimulation like joy, epiphanies, energy for action. Other times your inner light is soothing peace, calm, and stillness. Your light is profound, omnipotent and blessed. When you acknowledge your inner light you are connecting to the expanded universe and to our great vibrant earth. Honor its magic and you honor with gratitude yourself and all forms of manifestation: the people in your life near and far, nature, the comforts of your reality and just being alive. Tap your spirit and you tap everything around you! By remembering your light, you help awaken the greater awareness of what is around you, illuminating love.

The Law of Reflection

Be loved, cherished and supported for the magnificence that you are! Rather than feeling angry, pointing the finger, and lingering in disgruntled dissatisfaction, I will encourage you to look at yourself and what you are reflecting back to you. Extending love encourages love. 

True partnership  is achieved only by separate, whole beings each retaining their separateness even as they unite.

Some of my couples want to get married! It is a pure pleasure to assist you in creating a simple, no stress marriage ceremony that is symbolic of your union and your loving, positive intentions as a couple. I am a Metaphysical Minister of the International Metaphysical Ministry of Sedona.

Scent of Love - Rassouli

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