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Mother Earth’s Bounty is Power Beyond Comprehension

In balance with the masculine vibration of God is the Divine Feminine, the Goddess. She is Earth Mother, the creator of all. Everyone and everything are her children. She will birth from your inner seeds of intention, thought, and desire.
The service provided by the Goddess is so incredibly giving, nurturing, manifesting! Her magic and mystery to love and bless your life is a power beyond comprehension. Grounding into the awareness of her is ultimately healing and loving in so many empowering ways.
As a trained Celtic High Priestess for over 15 years, I have developed advanced skills to help ground and blend with the Goddess. I create a sacred circle vortex of healing for my clients by blending and synergizing with the angelic guardians of the elemental forces and the forces of above and below.
Balance and healing is manifesting this year, 2020.
Maintain grounded trust in the flow and timing of the many gifts of abundance from the Goddess, the Empress, in Divine Union with the Emperor, the masculine vibration of God’s inspired action, strength and wise insights.
Believe your inspirations are manifesting. Observe with patience and faith the positive destiny for yourself, your family, work, your special interests, and our country and all the world unfolding and evolving.
Call, text or email me for a healing to align with Mother Earth’s Blessings. Reactivate! Reset your awareness of her within you!
Wendy Chaffin

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