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Express Your Woo Woo!

Expressing your mystical thoughts and dreams nurtures wholeness. Let yourself go to your mind’s spiritual dreams. Be awakened by the subtle intuitive insights that float in and out of consciousness. Honor your Higher Self’s guidance through symbology and feeling impressions. The subconscious mind offers wisdom waves so delicate or precise that it may be difficult to analyze or describe.

This acute, sensitive intelligence adds purpose and meaning to your life. What seems silly or ungrounded is the necessary ingredient that charges all your earthly manifestations with magic. 

This moon cycle, bring forth your Spiritual Self’s guidance. Mix your logic with your feeling intuition. This is an excellent time to express your subtle dreams and hidden truths. Analyze your waking and sleeping dreams. Speak with open-minded friends, family, and people who show up synchronistically along the way. Or come in for a session to meditate and have a reading with me to connect with your innate Spiritual Master. Add sparkle to your daily rituals, routines, lessons and happenings. Communication, whether it is with another or with your deeper self through your voice, actions, writing/typing, singing, colors you wear, etc. …, will add luminescence to your days and future manifestations and nurture your wholeness.


The word [Adsum] has many meanings. For this reading, it affirms your own strength and focus on the present. As the angels affirm, “Adsum, I arrive. I am here.” So are you, here in the present, aware of your own Spirit Guidance from within and around you.

Learn to listen to all your parts and pieces and bring them together. Embrace them all and feel a surge of power and complete wholeness.

Activate latent, inner knowledge that will lead you to your path of service. You have spiritual talents and abilities that are unique to you and support your purpose here on earth.


The Akashic Tarot, Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor, The Crystal Ally Cards, Naisha Ahsian, The Goddess Oracle, Amy Sophia Marashinsky


Wendy Chaffin 6/2023

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