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2020-2021 Shift after Shift after Shift

It sure has been a shifty year and a half or so. Clearing, purging, and awakening has shifted us all into a new vibration with promising gifts of higher consciousness – Shift Gifts! Transformational energy can be agitating and even scary. On one hand, embracing the challenge during this moon cycle may feel like an intensely hot and smoldering steam cave, and on the other, feel like fresh air and water, and a vision of a bright, blue sky. Yesterday is gone. Allow today to have the feeling of renewal. Let that feeling be okay, and let the new thoughts entering be delightful. Even when others are caught up in the cave, be the hopeful inspiration needed. 

How do you bring in hope when there seems to be so much trouble?

Ask your Higher Self:In this moment I see and feel trouble. What thoughts and actions would serve the Higher Good?

Ask your Soul:How do I embrace where my soulful path is guiding me?
Settle in. Clear your mind for an answer to reveal itself. It may come in the form of a word, a thought, a picture, a movie, a song, a sound, a shape, a color, a scent… etc.. Then, ask what that means to you. Know you will be led to answers. 

More thoughtful questions to create Powerful “Shift Gifts”:
What are you manifesting now?Which old desires do you need to grow?Which old desires do you need to relinquish?
Do you appreciate the other side of an argument?Where do you need to exercise self-control?How are you respecting or abusing friendship?Where are you most vulnerable?Are you creating soulful service in your vocation? In your relationships?What prejudices are you holding on to?What do you need to learn in order to be more confident?
What is the source of your inspiration?What is seeking to reveal itself in your dreams?
What new idea is seeding itself within you?What does this cycle of renewal offer you?

Reading Notes:

Fearlessly turn your attention to your eternal soul for power and direction. 

I fearlessly face the future.

Ascension light keeper, Serapis Bey, assists with movement into your true self with instant, energy assistance shifts. 

I rise above the darkness – the light is here.

Remember and surrender to the intelligence within your cells. You are a precious child of a loving, gentle Universe. 

The intelligence of the Universe lies within me.


I am One with Truth. I honor my deep, soulful intuition as it guides me to blessed, new realities. I embrace with ease and grace.

2 replies on “2020-2021 Shift after Shift after Shift”

This post really resonates with me and gave me a lot of clarity. Last week, I found myself overwhelmed and irritable. It was almost as if I was spiraling down into a state of fear, worry and anxiety. I felt I was battling with myself…. I thought journaling would help and even while I was in the midst of that angst, I still had positive affirmation that all was well. Finally, today… I had the opportunity to say a prayer with a friend and I realized while saying the prayer that all was indeed well. I was going through a process where I needed to find stillness. It is necessary for me to find time to be still and be gentle with myself. It feels right now, as if I am in a place of quietly gathering energy for the next step. I found myself affirming the good for both of us knowing that Spirit is at work at all times.

Yes, soulful stillness is very effective during Scorpio stirrings and shift gifts!

Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful shift you are feeling within yourself! We all have worked so hard on ourselves, especially since March of 2020! It is time to be on the other side of the darkness and enjoy the light! Just Be there 🙂

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