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It’s Okay to Be Happy!

Times are tough and some have it tougher than others. Some individuals and families are getting through incredible obstacles. Jobs have been lost. The kids are restless at home. Some family members are sick or have passed. The news has been gloomy and confusing. In all of this change, gratitude and zest for life keeps hope alive as well as generating healthy energy that needs sharing! So this moon month’s message, with exuberant Leo leading the way, goes as follows:
It’s Okay to Be Happy:
Because the world needs your positive light!
So, show your talent to the world in the smallest or biggest of ways.
When you’re with someone you love.
When you still have a sense of humor.
Because there is still life and soulful love in the eyes of those you gaze upon.
You can do simple things that you love.
Because someone loves you.
Because the sun comes up each day shining brightly.
Because the stars are beautifully visible in the sky at night.
When you enjoy something that tastes amazing.
When you are sincerely hugged and kissed.
When you complete a task that has taken awhile.
When you feel good about the things you like about yourself.
And the list goes on…
So many people need to hear these simple messages of hope and light. 
Please add a reason it’s okay to be happy…

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