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The soul holds your reason for being here on planet Earth as the one and only YOU. Your soul encourages growth, lessons and healing that feel like a spiral curriculum repeating patterns until you get it. Sometimes it’s just too scary to let go to the soul’s urge for purification. Your soul creates the required leap of consciousness needed for particular events in perfect timing. Sometimes your mental and emotional state just wants to just say, “No!”, believing that you are protecting yourself. 

We all know that protecting can be very important to maintain safety. You learned to follow your instincts to survive or to create the right boundaries for growth and manifestations. It’s like having the right planter pot, with the right soil and fertilizer, proper sunlight and water so your seed can grow into a beautiful plant.

On the flip side, protecting because you fear change can be stifling in so many ways causing physical body stiffness, lack of manifestation in certain areas of your life, emotional and mental turmoil, and possible missed opportunities.

Protecting happens when you’re trying to not “fall apart”; to keep your everyday life together and in order. You may consciously or unconsciously be trying to slow your process. Soul timing is mysterious and must remain that way for it to create its magic.


Flowing with Change



Your soul is always guiding you in right-timing for particular change. As you follow this flow of transformation, life progresses along more smoothly and beautifully. When you resist, you create troubled times triggering anger and emotional disappointments. 

Meditating on the ideas of flowing with change and transformations with ease and grace will certainly allow for more comforting and creative experiences. Trusting this process can bring up passionate, purposeful, positive feelings. 

Let go to the soul-rhythm of your life. Listen to your soul’s guidance as it always leads you on a path to your Highest Good if you allow it. When you resist and protect yourself, the pathway may become forked with choices. You will receive the same soul lesson, but the road may be bumpy. Trust where you are led for a smooth ride.

Passionate or emotionally intense vibrations may be needed to activate necessary change for your highest level of living and creating as YOU. Know that if you are led into darkness or a void, you will be led out into the light once again. On the other side of the veil is the promise of an uplifting paradise revealed, joy, celebration, peace and bliss.

Relax deeply and breathe peacefully into your sacred center.

Imagine the center to be loving, soft, fluid, and powerfully vibrant.

Allow this light to brighten all around you, expanding effortlessly and happily.

Your spiritual mind awakens to the awareness that you are ready to let go and trust.

You speak to yourself: 

I am safe. My soul plans evolve gently with ease and grace. I am enthusiastic and awake, ready to respond to my soul urges. It is a sacred and natural unfolding. I know I will attract people, circumstances and events that are aligned for my greater good.


Be aware of your Higher Self and spiritual assistance will help you feel safe as you break through past limitations. 

Egyptian Goddess, Nut, reminds you of the ever-present unfathomable unknown. Give way to the Mystery. Trust that it will give you exactly what you need for your journey to wholeness.

The pure radiance of the Unicorns would like to align with your soul, heal it and raise your frequency with diamond light of all color. You are beautiful and perfect.

Wendy Chaffin 2023

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