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Utilizing & Appreciating the Powerful Eclipse Stillpoint

An eclipse along with other cosmic alignments provides a great opportunity. Rather than falling into negative or nervous energy and lingering there, stay awake. Work the process and bathe in the blessings. If the eclipse cycle doesn’t wake you up early in the morning, I recommend setting your alarm an hour before the eclipse to bask in its healing vibes.
You can feel the messages intensely building hours before (sometimes days before). Be silent to receive before, during, and after the eclipse. Journal notes, if needed. Be open. You may actually feel uncomfortable messages in your body. Wait it out. Hang in there for its release… then, transition into Stillpoint healing silence with Moon Goddess blessings. It is quiet, immeasurable peace and balance, a healing sanctuary within you and around you.
Have you noticed unpleasant aspects within you, or others, or the world that are being revealed?
What pieces and parts of you have come together now that feel empowering and hopeful?
On a personal note: I have realized how my old expectations and comparisons clouded my mind. By humbly becoming aware of this, I saw my part in the repetitive pattern of the creation of blocks and disharmony within and around me.
I sat with myself and gave a hard look. I paid attention to my thoughts and interactions with others and my opinions that had been based on expectations and comparisons.
*I prayed for continued awareness.*I imagined a large, open portal from the blessed heavens and higher dimensions pouring in greater love and insights well beyond my old perspectives.*I paid close attention to the incredible gifts of unexpected awareness that filled me with delight.
After that, I noticed and allowed change to happen within and around me! Purely magical! New responses! New events! Obvious ease and flow!
Learn more about the personality and theme of this next moon cycle below. Allow yourself to be empowered during this intense, energetically significant time. At the time of the eclipse, your current state may be impressed in the next six months ahead. Monitor and choose carefully your mental/emotional/spiritual state as it is charged, like setting the tone for the days ahead.

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